Posted: February 16th, 2022

The impact of leadership on human resources” motivation

The impact of leadership on human resources” motivation 

The leaders can actively motivate people to participate in their brand. The only way of motivating people is by widening the brand reputation and appeal so that people will be highly desirous of working in the brand. For a brand in the fashion industry, it is important to create a legacy that will attract employees. The brand reputation of a company in the fashion industry is a significant aspect that creates an interest among the candidates. Skilled candidates are willing to join a brand that has been well established in the market and where they will have the scope to explore further. A brand must have opportunities for further growth so that the employees can also enrich themselves in the process and learn about new skills. It is the responsibility of a leader to present a brand in a positive light and ensure that it enjoys a considerable reputation in the market. The employees also try to gain feedback from former or already engaged employees to have an idea of the organisational culture. It is important to ensure that the employees have positive experiences in a company. They can promote the brand to other people, which will help in building a kind of willingness to join the brand. The importance of maintaining a healthy organisational culture cannot be neglected. If the employees feel uncomfortable in their workplace, their productivity will be severely hampered. The leaders have to create a workspace where the employees can feel confident to work. The employees also check the perks and benefits offered by a brand. Higher perks and more benefits appeal to the employees. There are multiple brands in the fashion industry to choose from, they compare the benefits to select the brands that offer the best in the industry. The fashion brands have to provide ample means of subsistence to the employees so that they can concentrate on their job roles. The role of leaders in the fashion industry to encourage the participation of the employees can be exhaustive. The leaders are required to monitor the performance of the employees and communicate to them regarding their progress. The leaders must have the capability to enable an employee to realise their potential. A leader has to understand that an employee will have personal objectives as well, and aligning them to that of organisational goals can be effective in optimising the productivity of the employees. It is the leader’s responsibility to identify the strengths and limitations of the employees and provide them with job roles that they can best serve. It is important to make the employees feel empowered by granting them autonomy to make decisions on their own. The fashion industry is a dynamic industry, and it can be difficult for the employees to follow prior instructions. They may need to make instant decisions in a situation based on their expertise and knowledge. Bukantaitė and Sederevičiūtė-Pačiauskienė (2021) opine that supporting the employees on their endeavours and nurturing their creativity is one of the biggest roles of a leader in any industry, especially the fashion industry. 

The leaders of Mark and Spencer play a role in enhancing participation in the company. They set up definite rules and regulations to ensure that the employees will be treated fairly and have ample scope to grow in their professional careers. The leaders are concerned about the interests of the employees, and they try to reach the employees. Employees are given incentives and work hours that are flexible regularly. There are developmental programmes in place to help them improve their talents. Employees are not expected to prove themselves but rather to develop their abilities. The leaders have ensured that the company provides a learning curve to the employees where they can understand the nature of the fashion industry. Also, the leadership in Marks and Spencer are cautious about enforcing diversity in the company (M&S. 2022). A leading company must include employees from any background irrespective of gender, religion and ethnicity. Mark and Spencers are known to be recruiting employees that have come from different backgrounds. 

According to Bouncken, Brem,  and Kraus (2016), an increasing number of competent and skilled workers are looking for companies that are accepting and inclusive. Because many brilliant people come together to produce inventive and creative ideas, such a workplace has a lot of potentials (Bouncken, Brem and Kraus, 2017). If any employee violates the policies, the leader must enforce them immediately. Anti-discrimination policies that are zero-tolerance can be effective. Establishing standards might also aid in bridging the gap between coworkers. Leaders might organise meetings and activities to increase contact among staff from various cultural backgrounds. Employees will be able to interact with one another and develop a collaborative environment as a result of this. 

Employee participation as a critical success factor

Employee participation is an important factor in the workplace and has become an integrated focus centre for managers working in an organisation (Baldwin, 2022). Employee participation is a massive part because it causes a higher level of productivity and integrated satisfaction of employees. Employee participation does not operate by certain incidents. It occurs by ordering and controlling employees working in the organisation. Employee participation signifies the practices and processes for gathering an integrated level of influence in employees working in enterprises and organisations. It is an important part of the method for gaining organisational democracy when it implies workers have a significant impact on making decisions related to certain matters impacting their daily work. According to Lau (2014), the participation in employees aligns with the productivity of employees to generate relations between employers and employees.

Furthermore, employee participation has been generated with a significant impact on employees associated by the theory that signifies greater association of workers lead to massive benefits of productivity. The participation of employees is also signified as an integrated quadrant ranging from low to higher involvement in employee participation. Minimal employee participation is signified as workers working a minimum role in the organisation where employee participation is consisting generating as partners in the process of the organisation. There are four main theories related to employee participation involving socialist, people growth, democratic, development, and productivity. The employee participation theories are redeveloped that divide the employee participation into four different groups like the organisational and psychological theory that signify the employee responsibility and organisational role in generating the characteristics of participation and fundamental advantage emerge from participation. Fundamentally sociological and political theories generate the narrow concept of making decisions and providing motivation to either employees or management in finding to associate in making decisions and employee participation in the organisation. Significant thinking generates a wider sense of participation of workers in the company that cause significant leads to the major capability to increase outcomes in the organisation. The impact of leadership in the organisation is most generally found on the beliefs and perceptions that cause employee participation and motivation. An integrated leadership is fundamentally had good communication with the subordinates. This good communication is signified by an integrated level of respect, mutual understanding, two-method communication, and relationship. Employee participation is characterised by developing the participation of employees in the organisation. Employee participation is generally found in a certain situation where the supervisors generate information or identify integrated opportunities for the workers to associate with the industrial decision-making process. Marks and Spencer contain eighty-five thousand employees in almost fifty-three countries. Marks and Spencer believe that wellbeing is a fundamental concept of participation that generates business success, and thus, their program of wellbeing focuses on building healthy and committed teamwork.

On the other hand, Marks and Spencer generated components to certain programs regulated by employees. For example, some of the waiting lists are initiative calendars such as the premium weight gain challenge, Scooter 25 association challenge, and an NHS losing against the integrated philosophy (Engageforsuccess. 2022). The rates of turnover have enhanced since the down launch of zero-point fifty per cent in February 2014. The level of absence falls to seven per cent in one month. Marks and Spencer have seen that thirteen thousand employees have used its website of wellbeing named planethealth.com. More than one lakh five thousand employees have implemented the pledge of wellbeing by initiating general steps like drinking more water to develop the health that fundamentally makes four weight-loss challenges when increasing employee participation. The company is committed to employee participation and engagement through an authentic group of businesses and a council of works that the people are working on. The company believed that the people working for them should have integrated skills and knowledge of business operations, should have integrated interest in organisational success, and should know about the challenges that matter to the employees. The business of M&S located in Ireland and the United Kingdom generates an estimated six per cent turnover. The company aims to appoint an employee representative that does not consist of twenty per cent expatriate management.

M&S to close 100 stores by 2022 - BBC News

Figure 3: Top companies

Source: (BBC News. 2018b)

The role of HRM in increasing employee participation

The role of human resource management is based on developing relationships between the culture of organisations and employees. Integrated employees should need to rely on the culture of the organisation, and there would be direct thinking from the human resource that matches the thinking about industrial culture (Evers, 2022). When the employees are recruited, then the human resource has an important role in developing integrated employees by protecting the culture of the organisation. Human resources can implement certain thinking that states the planning and direction adopted by stakeholders associated with the organisational culture by getting such a position. While doing this, the human resource implements value by guiding organisations to ignore possible threats that could impact the culture. While guiding culture, human resource has certain responsibilities to generate the integrated flow in values of organisations. Unlike business partners and subordinates, human resource is significantly generated to regulate the random communication by helping to retain the values of the organisation on certain agenda.

Along with organisational fit, human resource management can initiate assurance that the employees could receive fundamental appreciation from the company and implement additional value by identifying the performance of employees. In union with supervisors, human resources are required to implement assurance about recognised employee performance, and individual recognition is rewarded. The human resource takes the lead within spreading random employee performance knowledge. Important industrial determinates should be more integrated within the organisation, and none is properly placed than human resources. The human resource should need to ensure proper tools, skills, and knowledge to perform substantial jobs to make it best to their capability (Mayne, 2022).

On the other hand, human resource management needs to sustain establishing employees, and engagement is also possible. Human resource management practices need to be considered by the worker in developing employee participation to develop an integrated workforce. In the opinion of Alzyoud (2018), human resource management is a single integrated system of management that generates to recruit worker commitment and inclusion in alignment with the goals and objectives of the organisation. Human resource is signified as the coherent and planned approach to the organisational management’s most vital element that includes managing employees to attain the organisation’s objectives. Employee participation becomes the important aspect of managemental structure to attain potential perceptions from workers and to develop retention and efficiency. According to Khalid and Nawab (2018), the assumptions and theories regarding employee participation consist of multiple features. Employee participation could be both indirect and direct that can strongly generate several structural and methodical properties that generate potential outcomes. Marks and Spencer are one of the most integrated retail brand organisations, but they are not leading by generating certain marketing activities. These marketing efforts include human resource planning. Assured by Borgaonkar (2018), Employee participation in Marks and Spencer is at the initial level of the business ring success stair. According to the company’s annual report, integrated communication develops the spinal cord of the success structure in Marks and Spencer. The company has an integrated reputation in retaining employees, winning honours and awards for the ways the employees are treated down and up the supply chain management. In Marks and Spencer, there is lacking communication from daily meetings calls and problematic daily management among employees. According to Taylor (2019), Good relationships and communication are important to achieve success in M&S. Marks, Spencer, and other retail organisations are facing an active struggle to attain in the retail market in case of job security that would finally affect employee participation. The problems can be easily solved by the initiatives implemented by human resource management. Marks and Spencer are associated in the restructuring phase and integration that is regulated toward integrated industrial flexibility to reduce cost-effectiveness and increase efficiency and competition. Therefore, Marks and Spencer have regulated shut down of their retail stores resulting in massive-scale backwardness, integrated fixed time contractual work, and part-time works. The fixed working time generates insecurity and uncertainty while working for part-time work.

Participative management and its uses

Participative management is the integrated structure in leadership that motivates people from several levels of an organisation to generate control of the organisation (Indeed Career Guide. 2022). The organisation that regulates participative management fundamentally holds certain positions with normal roles in management, but the managers mitigate taking input requests and feedback from other workers. There are some of the uses of participative management that help the organisation to maintain stability and innovation. For example, the team management felt more guided in establishing multiple ideas and innovation. On the other hand, the employees might feel more privately generated in attaining goals, achieving deadlines, and establishing solutions. The working employees might face regulated job satisfaction and increased morale satisfaction. Participative management can be divided into three types that states style of consultation, decision-making style, and employee-managed company. In the style of consultation, the human resource management finds the inputs of employees before developing decisions and making changes. These inputs are collected by the managers, and they make additional implementation for making final decisions. In the decision-making style, the management collects the feedback of employees and also thinks that the employees would participate in developing final decisions. During this case, the employees have two types of freedom to allocate the responsibility and ideas for making decisions in team management. Making decisions can take the active structure of self-regulated teams and integrated industrial structures. Finally, the employee-managed company in which the employee regulates an integrated element in the company. The managed concentration is lower so that the workers hold similar stakes. The uses of participative management are evaluated as the integrated efficiency and innovation that generates new ideas to evolve to make significant innovation (Management study guide. 2022).

On the other hand, there is sharing of knowledge among the manager and workers. According to Dyczkowska and Dyczkowski (2018), participative management can be measured by using an integrated construct that includes participative management that regulates three elements that include setting goals, feedback recognition, and strategic planning. Strategic planning generates the perception of employees regarding strategic awareness. The goal-setting method includes trust within employees to generate participative management. Lastly, the feedback recognition evaluates the decisions of employees regarding communications with the superior employees working with the junior. Participative management is one of the essential methods to recruit employees in developing organisational innovations. Assured by Chang et al. (2019), Participative management can be divided into formal and informal methods to develop industrial innovation and performance. The innovation involves the development of an integrated system for gathering stable innovations regulated by industrial employees. Marks and Spencer are regulated to generate integrated business with both environmental and moral principles. These principles include generating employees working in the United Kingdom and an international atmosphere that promotes diversity, respect, growth, and development (Marks and spencer. 2022d). The company has recruited employees from different countries regulating social and moral norms that generate industrial considerations. Participative management wants its employees to be treated with respect and dignity.

Furthermore, in Marks and Spencer, the people are committed to generating worker engagement and employee participation as the employee believes in working together. Marks and Spencer are required to associate its communication among employees to communicate between employee participation in a specific place (Media Center. 2022). The company associates work management to empower employee participation to make certain changes. The company has implemented substantial participative management in associating integrated developments within the organisation. Marks and Spencer delegate certain power to the employees working in the organisation. The management of the organisation generates employees to participate in making the decision. In the decision-making process, they receive a demonstration of employee involvement. In participative management, there would be an effective relationship between the employees and owners working in the company (Harappa. 2022) when Marks and Spencer generate participative management to regulate substantial developments. It is an effective way of motivating the team members to encourage and develop commitment implementation. In Marks and Spencer, participative management feels reliable in sharing thoughts, opinions, and thinking.

The role of leaders in engaging people

While engaging employees within the employees working in a particular organisation have attracted talented employees towards the organisation. To engage employees together, the employees needed certain knowledge and skills that fundamentally bind people together (DecisionWise. 2022). There are certainly other elements that engage managers to develop an environment that chooses to engage people in the organisation. Industrial leaders have multiple roles and responsibilities that generates from training, recruiting, generating goal motivation, developing, and building employee engagement (Small Business – Chron.com. 2022). Small organisational leaders are regulated by various organisational functions and fundamentally work among the employees. Certain responsibilities are based on several businesses, and the leaders include several duties that are required in different fields. The vital responsibility of the business leader is regulating the everyday activities of the employees. This generally includes allocating work, scheduling, and establishing planned projects. It also includes helping the integrated tools perform work in initiating fundamental abilities. While engaging people, substantial leaders establish integrated working morale by developing employees that help them to attain goals and objectives. Leaders generate evaluation, regulate inputs provide recognition, and generate criticism if necessary. The leaders are regulated to mitigate collisions between the employees working in the organisation. The leader is charged with substantial integrated and regulative employees working in the organisation. The leaders include fundamentally some responsibilities like generating development goals and counselling on specific problems that are included in the organisation. In employee engagement, the employee reveals fundamental levels of integrated behaviour and bad performance, and the leader faces certain decisions that affect the employees working in the organisation. According to certain reports, it can be found that seventy per cent of employees in the United States of America are very bad at doing certain work. According to the report, multiple employees in America felt disengaged and disliked doing their job.

Furthermore, it is found that leaders are facing relevant troubles to regulate employee engagement within the organisation. Many organisations face changes where the leadership is only about generating full potential for other employees working in the organisation. Leaders should help the employees grow and develop with new and extensive roles and responsibilities. Employees are always needed to feel regulated and trusted to maintain their responsibilities regarding doing the job (Llopis, 2022). The leaders should navigate employees that self-regulate themselves by taking more work. These employees should be provided with more work during necessary times. Marks and Spencer provide the employees by regulating feedback and engaging people by which the leader regulates the views. Marks and Spencer engage diverse employees working in the organisation. The diverse employees include people from different religions, cultures, and cast. The senior management has regulated certain actions to implement corporate social responsibility. Marks and Spencer have maintained substantial development to handle certain development to make additional growth. The women workers are treated with care in Marks and Spencer by fostering a positive working culture within flexible and part-time work. This involves females working in all levels, including senior managers in the long term and short-term business. The company has women role models recruited at the senior position of the organisation. The retail manager is fifty per cent women working at the high board. Thirty-one per cent of board members were women during 2012. Corporate social responsibility is also very strong in M&S that help them to create help within women working in the organisation. Five thousand people are working in the Marks and Spencer program, and they have targeted single consumers working in the organisation. The leader working in Marks and Spencer are dependent on making additional developments to make substantial developments. The company has maintained integrated recruitment of talented employees working in the organisation. The leadership in M&S is generally consultative in making additional developments. The leaders listen to their subordinates before making any decisions regarding something. However, the leaders are depending on the workers working in M&S. However, M&S helps the leader and management reach a substantial conclusion.

Literature Gap

In the present report, the authors have implemented certain studies regarding the roles and responsibilities in engaging and other tasks. These studies are not dependent upon information about any particular company and are written in a general format. However, the literature gap is being breached with the help of this research work. Furthermore, lack of time is a significant burden while doing the research work regarding the above-evaluated topic. While doing the research, there was a significant challenge regarding the time, one of the most integrated challenges in the report. More time should be needed while doing the research work evaluated above. Significant data are found that helps in evaluating and researching the whole work. While collecting certain data, the information is certainly not aligned with the substantial function and objectives of the organisation. Lack of budget is another burden while initiating the research regarding the company. The literature gap is substantially maintained while writing the whole topic.

Chapter Summary

Marks and Spencer were established in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer. The company generates integrated development in food items and fashionable clothes. Marks and Spencer stay in the market regulated by another retail market like Tesco and Asda. The company generates a generation of financial, technological, and electronic items consisting of dress and food items. Consumers could buy M&S products in both offline and online mediums. The importance of human resources is a significant element within the organisation. Development of the employees by providing adequate training by implementing training programs within the organisation. The company has generated several programs that provide recruiting and training employees working in the organisation. The company has implemented social media marketing where the company post about their products and services on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The human resource management in Marks and Spencer has been recently transformed, changing from static to integrated position within the organisation. The company has millions of customers who visit their physical stores located in all parts of the world. The digital marketing implemented by the company has attracted millions of customers presented across the world. The organisation has maintained a subsequent development to make substantial developments within the organisation.


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