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Role of Functioning Management in Strategic Management












                                Strategic Operations Management and Operational Research

Table of Contents

Introduction                                                                                                                                       3

Strategic Operations Management                                                                                                  3

Strategy                                                                                                                                            3

Background of Strategic Management                                                                                            4

Process of Strategic Management                                                                                                  4

Role of Functioning Management in Strategic Management                                                          6

Components of Operations Strategy                                                                                               7

Objectives of Strategic Management                                                                                              7

Conclusion                                                                                                                                      10

References                                                                                                                                     12




This will be an essay regarding strategic operations management and operational research. There will be a critical discussion of a contemporary issue in strategic operations management. The meaning of critical and contemporary will be analyzed in this context (Farooq et al., 2021). The background of Strategic operations Management and operational research will be explained (Zalata et al. 2021). The key terms will be defined, and there will be an explanation of the interpretations of ambiguities in the question. The objectives of the strategic operations management and operational research will be stated. A review of the industry will be there in this research. Case studies regarding strategic operations management and operational research will be discussed. There will be discussions regarding the drivers, enablers, applications, utilizations, and limitations of strategic operations Management and operational research. There will be interventions regarding the application to practice, and case examples will be utilized. There will be a demonstration of how the theory maps across in practice. The purpose of the assignment will be made clear. 

Strategic Operations Management

The eventual aspiration of strategic Management is that it helps an individual organization for the expansion of its performance with the help of upgraded persuasiveness, coherence, and flexibility. A strategy refers to the method of performing something. It generally consists of articulation, and the targets are put together. In addition to that, action plans are set for executing the targets (Malkamäki et al., 2021).


The moves of competitiveness and business approaches have been included to produce effective performance. The management strategy consists of the smooth functioning of business, fortifying a firm’s competitive position, satisfying consumers, and obtaining performance targets (Das et al., 2021).

There are five tasks of Strategic Management which are discussed below:

1) This delineates a business, opines a mission, and forms a strategic perception.

2)Measurable objectives have been set (Fedushko et al., 2021).

3) A strategy has been crafted to achieve the objectives of an organization.

4) A strategy has been implemented and executed.

5) the performance of an organization has been evaluated, the latest developments in an organization have been reviewed, and inaugurates corrective accommodations. 

Background of Strategic Management

In the past organizations, the success has been ben gained by providing a focus on entire efforts of Management on functioning their daily affairs as successfully as possible. Strategic Management features the noteworthy of allocating more concern to evaluate surroundings and codifying strategies associated with transformations in the environment (Foss et al., 2021).

Process of Strategic Management

 Haque (2021) opined that four steps had been involved in Strategic Management. They are discussed below:

1) Environmental Scanning

 Abashah (2021) stated that the surrounding of an individual organization consists of both internal and external. Within Strategic Process, the procedure begins with scrutinization of both external and internal factors and concludes with observing the exercises of an individual organization. 

2) Strategy Articulation

Articulation of strategy has been done in three standards

  • Corporate Level

As opined by Smith and McBride (2021), this is articulated with the help of top Management to supervise the interest and performances of an individual organization comprised of multiple line businesses. In articulating this corporate strategy, the company should decide its position in 10 to 15 years. The areas in which the position of an individual company should be ameliorated are Market Standing, Modernization, Productiveness, Physical and economic resources, Advantageous, Directorial Performance and Evolution, Performance Worker, and their attitude and social responsibility. 

Typical Corporate Standard Strategy

a) Development Strategies

  1. Internal Development. 2. Horizontal Amalgamation 3. Vertical Amalgamation 4. Combinations 5. Strategic Coalition 

            b) Consistency Strategies

            c) Curtailment Strategies

  1. Reverse 2. Hardship 3. Clearance
  • Business Level

The pertinent question regarding the business level is ” How should one compete within the selected industry ?”A business component is a governmental configuration with an individual market, a series of competitors, and an aim different from other configurations in a group. G.E.C.G.E.C. introduced the notion of Strategic Business Unit (SBU), and there are 200 units of business there. A specific unit that monitors has been considered as a specific business unit. 


  • Functional Level

Every business unit will include various departments like Manufacturing, Control of Quality, H.R., and Finance. Functional Strategies detect the fundamental course of activities that every department follows for helping the unit of business achieve its targets. In articulating functional strategies, managers must be aware of the distinct functions that are connected. 

3) Strategic Execution

The strategies which are executed are required to be executed. Execution of strategies is challenging as compared to their articulation. There has a difference between the two:

  • The articulation of strategy has been positioned forces before activities
  • The execution strategy is operating forces at the time of the activities (Khrystyna et al. 20210
  •  The focus of the articulation of strategy is mainly on the effectiveness
  • The focus of the articulation of strategy is principally on efficiency
  • The formulation of strategy is a cognitive procedure
  • Strategies execution is a fundamentally functioning procedure
  • Articulation of strategies requires good discernments and managing skills
  • Execution of strategy requires stimulation and skills of leadership
  • Execution of strategy requires integration among several individuals
  • Execution of strategy requires  integration among several persons
  •  There are no vast differences among the small, big and charitable organizations, and for this  execution of strategy has been required
  • Execution of strategy differs among distinct kinds and sizes of organizations

4) Analysis and Control

Fundamental Activities included are:

  • Initiating targets of performance, levels, and limits of tolerance for the goals 
  • Calculating the performance in association with the objective at a provided time, if results are beyond the limits, managers should be informed for taking action
  • Evaluate variation from acceptance of limits (Carayannis et al. 2021)
  • Implement modifications at the time of necessity

5) Importance of Strategic Management

Both economic and noneconomic benefit has been offered by the strategic Management to an individual organization as enumerated below:

  • It permits detection, arrangement, and taking advantage of opportunities
  • Provides target vision of procedures of Management
  • Structure for ameliorated collaboration (ERGASHEV and Ravshanov, 2021).
  • It diminishes the impact of adverse circumstances
  • It permits significant decisions to support better-accepted targets
  • It permits more well-organized appropriation of time
  • It permits limited resources and minimal period to be steadfast
  • It generates a structure for central communication
  • It helps for the integration of behavior of particular persons 
  • It provides a foundation for elucidation of specific responsibilities
  • It motivates to think ahead
  • It provides a collaborative, multicultural approach to address issues
  • It encourages a commendatory attitude
  • It provides a level of discipline

Role of Functioning Management in Strategic Management

The role of Functions management n articulating and executing business strategies is essential.

  • The conventional role of production or functions was to outline those services and commodities based on information of marketing provided with the help of the department of marketing and to transfigure the outline into commodities within economic constraints specified by the economic department.
  • The functions of marketing, as well as finance, could apply more impact on the Management, which is at the top in the articulation of the strategies of the business. 

Components of Operations Strategy

There are six strategies included in Operations Strategy

  • Situating the system of production 
  • The focus should be provided on factories and facilities of services
  • The design of commodities or products and enhancement
  • Selection of technology and Development of Procedure
  • Appropriation of resources for the strategies of alternatives
  • Planning for facility

Objectives of Strategic Management

Successful operations management has been directly associated with the fundamental objectives when operations inside an individual organization have not been done correctly. This will adversely affect the contingency of the organization in the long term. Therefore, to achieve these objectives that have been required for operations management emerge to be efficient managers. Expertise has been there within these managers in their associated sectors, which consists of marketing, economy, and human resource. Operation Management is associated with manufacturing commodities and services inside an individual organization. It concerns input and products, which are essential for successful operational Management. In this context, input mentions the operations of resources which consists of the capability of employees, equipment, as well as raw material and the focus of output is principally on the dispensation of goods and commodities of completed goods to consumers, Beyond both input, as well as, output, several distinct functions are there which are described below:

  • The function of Quality Management
  • Control of Management and Function with regards to Coordinating
  • The function of Management by facilities
  • Control by inventory and function of Management
  • Research and enhancement function
  • Economic function

The best collaboration in the middle of this function will facilitate the command within any organization, resulting in organizational research. To demonstrate the procedure by which these functions can help any individual organization attain its strategic targets, Jindal Stainless Steel (J.S.L.) has been selected by several researchers. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that the similarity of these functions will be observed in various kinds of manufacturing industries. J.S.L. is concerned with producing products of stainless steel of distinct ranges. Hence, the cooperation of the above-referred functions becomes essential. There has been a detailed discussion of these functions associated with J.S.L. 

Within operation management, quality management has been considered essential in all organizations. Hence, the concentration of companies is always on the customers’ requirements, as there has been a direct connection of their requirements to the redevelopment of the product. They acknowledge the necessities of maintaining the levels and have concerns concerning the quality of the product. This results in help in holding their consumers. In addition to that, the market share has been alleviated, and the attraction will be more minor to new freshers. Consistent efforts to alleviate the quality of commodities are the chief cause of the growth of companies like J.S.L., even within the present financial crisis. Their consistent expenditure in research and an enhancement project has been observed as the principal cause for their victory. Several distinct factors consist of internal auditing and reengineering, which has been considered the vital drivers for their captaincy within the market. The function of Internal Audit helps organizations to detect the follies and weaknesses within distinct departments, and different methods have been suggested that finally expanded the base of their consumers with the market. 

Market Control is of utmost importance for the achievement o strategic targets of any company. There is a wide range of actions in which MC has been involved, which assures that the organization’s objectives have been executed in a well-organized and successful method. Within the function, the organization’s attempt is always deciphered if it accompanies and executes the actions that were demonstrated at the time of laying down of original activities. For instance, J.S.L. always executes those strategies that focus on consumers. They have their concern about a procedure by which the products will deliver to their consumers. Hence, national standards of systems of distributions have been executed by them. This kind of strategy has acquired immense help for J.S.L. for the achievement of their objectives for the organization. 

For the Management of the facility of J.S.L., it is essential to attain fundamental objectives. Within the management facilities, companies decipher on upgraded Management of benefits which consists of infrastructure, computer system, indications, lighting, as well as, plant and equipment. Management of facility is essential to the companies lie J.S.L., as its operation has been performed by national standards. This only happens as the involvement of the company is there in the production which is done on a large scale as regards the demand in the market. If the demand is high, then it is mandatory to provide the facilities, and it should be kept in mind that the facilities that are provided should be as per the requirement and demand within the market. Whereas the demand is not high, then there has been a requirement of facilities and requires to be operated. The desirability of the company can be affected adversely if the demand is not high and the cost of the products is very expensive. 

The function of marketing and advertisement is equally vital in the present world of technology. Companies acquire immense help from this to extend to the consumers rapidly and awareness has been created among them for the latest enhancement in distinct products. In addition to that, awareness has been created among their customers with regards to any sort of latest ranges that are inaugurated accompanied by the demand of the customers. Adoption of the same strategy by the company, like J.S.L., has been done to assure that its commodities and service are entrenched to their consumers in all the parts of an individual country. By doing this, they acquire immense help for the achievement of their entire objectives, as well as, the maintenance of the standard of their profitability has occurred. 

Within the Management of operations, Inventory Control is very important like several other functions which commit to the attainments of the targets of the organization. Inventory should be controlled always and the department of procurement always plays an important role within this context. Within manufacturing companies, the presence of the department of procurement is important. Whereas the demand is high and the production is less, the profitability of any manufacturing company can be affected adversely. It may occur that the customers of that company may not purchase things and products from that company anymore. In addition to that, the opportunities for the competitors have been increased by this to attain the share in the market. 

Another vital function that can be opined is the economy, by which the company acquires immense help to control or operate its economy. J.S.L.J.S.L. is included within the business of manufacturing in which there has been a requirement of huge capital expenditure. It is vital to operate these expenditures efficiently. For many years it has been observed that companies are recruiting those managers who are professional and the managers who have mastery in the economic sector. 

It can be opined overall that Management of operation is immersed in all parts of an organization and is thus, vital for the attainment of the objectives of the organization. 

Overview of Strategic Operations Management

Strategic Operations Management has been considered as one of the fundamental procedures inside a particular organization(Arokodare and Falana, 2021) which have a concern regarding the monitoring of entire operations associated with the manufacture, calculating, and amelioration of commodities and services. However, operation management which is strategically associated with selected Management of overall operations just like that advances the standard of commodities and services. This is necessary for all kinds of organizations, whether it is online based on software or any offline organization. For the Management of the decisions of business in an efficient manner, organizations require to make decisions strategically on distinct sectors by which they can be able to contribute to the entire success of an individual company. The knowledge of techniques for market research, movement, and future prophesy are necessary for manufacturing those goods and commodities which are consumer-centric. Hence, organizations require brilliant professionals so that they can be able to look after the manufacturing of products. With the strategy of location, the organizations can manufacture commodities attainable offline to prospective consumers at any location in the whole world. The organizations can set up their branches within main cities so that they can be able to provide important facilities to all people and develop their business. In a matter of online assistance, the necessity of strategy of location is not there. For the efficient Management of the supply chain, operation utilizes information systems that are multicultural with innovative techniques. By acquiring help from the information which are available, the managers are capable of forecasting the aspirations and demands of consumers and make assure that the products that are available within the market are all consumer-centric. A business can be successful and can be durable when the maintenance of the task of business can be taken seriously. The management department of an individual company has to take care of information systems and they should make sure that the equipment is functioning smoothly. The scrutinization of quality and discarding any sort of bug has been considered as important so that it cannot be proved to be a hindrance at the time of launching any kind of product. 

Concepts of Strategic Operation Management

Ten concepts are accompanied within the strategic operation management and were bestowed by Randall Schaeffer. These are enforced with the help of operation managers for having an individual principal standard of coherence and persuasiveness. The concepts are described below:

1. Actuality

Operation Managers in actuality, depend on confrontations that happen which are energetic in their characteristics, and the dependence is not on the plannings as no techniques are there to serve systematized answers. 

2. Company

As opined by Bakeer and Albaour, (2021), the industrial approaches of manufacturing are interconnected. Fundamental elements must be steady and dependable to produce similar outcomes within incomes and create good revenue shortly. 

3. Essentials

Operation management must acknowledge the process to fix and overall basic regulations because that is considered a sector for the efficacy within the management cycle. It is essential to ensure that product records, B.O.M.sB.O.M.s, and normal activities are accurately functioning to produce the required outcomes.

4. Liability

There has been a requirement of setting down the recommendations and objectives by the managers to evaluate the part of the workforce and systematically review the procedure by which the objectives are being consummated. This is the operation manager’s method for extracting the desired product from the employees (Christofi et al. 2021)

5. Deviation

Deviation in processes should be gratifying. This is because of the reality that deviations may be an individual medium of reorganization if they can handle them properly. In addition to that, there has been an expansion in the efficacy of the workforce. 

6. Connection

Although a powerful endeavor is made, troubles can always happen a few times. Managers should detect the main reason for the problem by which the things can be done and performed correctly. In addition, they should look at the matter deeply and delve into it so that it can not arrive further or cannot be repeated (Dhiaf et al. 2021).

7. Controlled Passion

The productivity of employees has been considered the principal factor that has a great impact on the success of a business. Managers must be inclined to inspire and motivate their staff to have the enthusiasm for performing their jobs well.

8. Modesty

Several everybody has to accord with a haughty art aleck. In addition to that, this is essential for operation managers to view themselves like those average citizens. They do not have any knowledge regarding anything and thus, make blunders similar to any particular person (Fauzi, et al. 2021).

9. Victory

Managers should be capable of accurately identifying the thing which is effective by which entire people in an individual organization can know the instructions to encounter at the time of meeting objectives or targets (Fries et al. 2021).

10. Transformation

The people involved within the business must be prepared for the response of th enhancement of an organization. It consists of understanding the consumers, the deliberated markets, and the aspiration and desires of the customers. Digital systems should be required for the progress of the business and for moving the business forward (Niemand et al. 2021). 

Objectives of Strategic Management

Victorious operations management has been straightforwardly affiliated with the overall objectives of an individual company when the accomplishment of operations into a particular company has not been done appropriately. This will affect the eventuality of the organization in extended terms. Hence, to attain these necessary goals for operations management, they appear to be effective managers. Competence has been there within these managers in their accomplished fields, which comprise marketing, economy, and human resource. Operation Management is accompanied by the production of commodities and services within an individual organization. It has its concerns regarding input and products, which are essential for effective operational Management. In this context, input means the operations of those resources, which comprises the potentiality of staff, apparatus, and raw material. The focus of output is predominately on distributing goods and commodities of finished goods to customers (Seiffert-Brockmann et al. 2021) 

The Opportunity of Operation Management

The chances of operation management substantially dealt with the transformation of input for those resources which are physical to serve the requirements of customers. They require to attain persuasiveness ability and coherence within an individual organization (Sheng et al. 2021). 

1. Amenity Location

The choice of the place is an important factor in the construction of the individual plants and different amenities. The problematic situation of the plant can devote to the wrong location of the plant, which causes enormous destruction of time, assets, and money. In addition to that, it focuses on different other fields. For example, planning, a program for diversification of commodities, transferring sources, and numerous considerations and raw materials (Teplická et al. 2021). 

2. Material Controlling

Material Controlling mentions the shifting of materials in the storehouse to machine, and it can be shifted from one machine to another at the time of production. This action is trained for contemporary production concerns. At first, the denigration of prices by suitable components and procedures. Preservation of benefits for serving commodities. Material controlling benefits expands performances persuasiveness, and thus, the dispensation has been rapidly increased. At last, it decreases the prices of the enhancement and manufacture. In addition to that, stock management refers to one of the principal concerns in manufacturing the latest plant and operation of present plants (Bagni et al. 2021). 

3. Design of Product

Every organization enterprise will propose and implement the latest products for feasibility and enhancement. Enhancing and inaugurating the latest branded commodities within the market has been considered one of the biggest challenges several organizations have faced. The entire cycle of identifying the requirement for physical clarification of the commodities requires three functions (Wang et al. 2021). The functions are Initiating, Encouragement, plant, and Generation, and the last one is production. Design of product and generation serve as an interlink between marketing, demands of customers, and choices.

Importance of Strategic Management

Both commercial and non-commercial advantage has been served by the strategic Management of a particular organization as elucidated. It permits detection, arrangement, and taking advantage of opportunities. It provides a target vision of management procedures that is beneficial for the targeted customers. The structure for ameliorated collaboration of the organization’s staff has been performed (Apaydin et al. 2021). It decreases the effect of adverse conditions within an organization. It permits chief decisions to support those targets which are accepted better. It permits a more dynamic allocation of time. It permits restricted assets and a minimal negligible period to be dedicated. It creates a construction for central interlink with the organizations similar to that and with the targeted customers. It aids in amalgamating the behavior of specific persons within the organizations. It provides a base for the enumeration of particular responsibilities and duties. It motivates to think ahead for the opportunities of business and the process by which the business can be updated and modernized and can be able to regain value in the market. In addition to that, strategic Management assures the employees and their customers that their work will be done with accuracy. It provides a combined, international technique to address problems. It motivates and applauds perspectives within the employees of a workplace. It provides an individual standard of regulation.

Elements of Operations Strategy

There are six strategies consisted in Operations Strategy. They situate the method of production by which an individual organization can perform its function effectively and successfully. The focal point should be given on industries and benefits of services and commodities by which the industries can manufacture their products effectively. The outline of services or commodities and development leads to enhancing an individual organization, and there will be a good market strategy for the organization. The choice of technology and advancement of methods have increased the effectiveness of an organization, and the organization can be able to expand its profitability all over the world and in the global market—suitability of resources for the planning of replacements. Planning for the facility of the goods has been performed by the organization with strategic operations management (Özdemir et al. 2021)

The procedure of Strategic Management

Four steps have consisted in the procedure of Strategic Management. They are elaborated  below:

1) Environmental Scrutinization

 The atmosphere of a particular company has included both interiors and the exterior atmosphere of the workplace. Within Strategic Procedure, the method begins with an analysis of both exteriors and interior components and finishes with noticing the actions and activities of a specific organization. 

2) Articulation of Strategy

By adopting three standards, the articulation of strategy can be performed. They have been elucidated below:

a)  Level of Corporation

This is segmented through the level of top Management to operate the attentiveness and presentations of a particular enterprise consisting of businesses that are of multiple lines. In segmenting this corporate planning, the company should decide on its location within 10 to 15 years. The fields within which the situation of a particular organization must be advanced are Market Standing, Rejuvenation, Fruitfulness, Physical and commercial assets, Dominant, Performance and Advancement related to the directory, Presentation Worker, and their perspective, social duties, and responsibilities.

Representative Standard of Corporate  Strategies for Development

There are several strategies for developing an organization by which an organization can be able to progress effectively with great zeal and enthusiasm in the global market. Internal enhancement refers to a strategy that, if adopted by an organization, can manage the staff, and the performance of those staff will increase and be facilitated in a great manner. The next strategy is the horizontal combination. The perspectives of the staff and other employees, especially the coordinators and managers of a specific company, can combine their thoughts and perform their tasks, making their tasks more effective and attractive than before. In addition, an amalgamation of various thoughts leads to greater productivity of resources. The products are much more advanced and innovative than those delivered to their customers before. Another strategy in this context is the vertical admixture in which the desire and aspiration of the customers have been taken into consideration, and the products and commodities are constructed and manufactured as per the customers’ requirements. The customers, with keen interest, cooperate and coordinate with the company which attempts to manufacture the products according to their aspiration. This, in turn, increases the reputation of a specific company, and the company can expand its business in a global market. In addition to that, the company can deliver their products by doing export and import of the desired and required products by the customers. The combination strategy can help the company combine its concepts and thoughts with the emerging concepts and thoughts that have been inaugurated nowadays. In other words, it can say that the old thoughts, concepts, strategies, and planning of the company have been transformed according to the growing demand and technology of the resources.

Moreover, the company attempts to move forward with this strategy as this strategy helps the company in a big way to pave the way for success. Strategic Partnership has been considered as one of the greatest strategies as, in this case, partnerships with other similar organizations have been noticed. At the same time, the participation has been done only with companies that are not much reputed and whose revenue generation is less than that of the partner organization. This leads to the great productivity of the products, and the other company, which is smaller in size, can gain profit by this partnership. 

Development of Personal Skills for the Ability to Critically Analyze and Ameliorate the Performance of Procedures Within Both the Field of  Operations and the Broader Environment of Organization 

The development of  personal skills for gaining the profitability to critically scrutinize and mitigate the performance of procedures inside both the sectors of operations and the broader environment of the organization can be done by following this method:

1. Proper H.R.M. Department

A better H.R.M. Department can facilitate the performance of an organization. In addition to that, a good H.R.M. Department can raise the reputation of the company and can be able to provide skillful employees who are most experienced in the desired and required fields that are the important requirements of the particular company. It is the responsibility of H.R. as this department is mainly responsible for the recruitment process. The chief task that is the selection of a good and expert employee is only in the hands of H.R. Hence, it should be noticed by a particular company whether they have implemented a good H.R.M. Department so that it can be able to outstretched in the world.

2. Good Cooperation Among Employees

It is the prime responsibility of a particular company to check and scrutinize whether the employees are working in a flexible condition in their workplace or not. In addition to that, the company should amend meetings in which all the employees should be present as which is of utmost importance for the company’s welfare. The company should provide an environment in which they can feel free to share their ideas regarding the improvement of the company. 


The company should look upon the teamwork of their employees by which the products that are being manufactured will be of great quality and will be full of innovation. The company should maintain a good atmosphere in their workplace so that the employees can feel free to do their tasks, which in turn facilitates the company’s performance. The company should improve its production and should facilitate the employees so that they can do their work by all their efforts and the performance of the company will increase. The company should go through different policies by which the employees get rewarded for their better performance, and the incentives should be given by the company to their efficient employees for the betterment of the company. The company should look into the matter of hiring skillful and experienced Hr so that the tasks that the H.R. will perform will be done greatly and the company can be able to get their desired outcomes from the H.R.M. department. The company should provide efficient trainers to provide training to those employees who are freshers so that they can be able to serve the company in the best way. 



This has been an essay with regards to strategic operations management and operational research. There has been a critical discussion of a contemporary issue in strategic operations management. The meaning of critical and contemporary has been analyzed in this context. The background of Strategic operations Management and operational research has been explained. The key terms have been defined and there will be an explanation of the interpretations of ambiguities in the question. The objectives of strategic operations Management and operational research have been stated. A review of the industry has been there in this research. Case studies with regards to strategic operations management and operational research have been discussed. There have been discussions with regards to the drivers, enablers, applications, utilizations, and limitations of strategic operations Management and operational research. There have been interventions which are regarding the application to practice, and there will be the utilization of case examples. For the Management of the facility of J.S.L. as it is important to attain entire objectives. Within the management facilities, companies decipher depend on upgraded Management of benefits which consists of infrastructure, computer system, indications, lighting, as well as, plant and equipment. There has been a demonstration of the process by which the theory maps across in practice. The purpose of the assignment has been made clear. It should be recommended that the companies should ameliorate the strategies of their operations so that they can be able to hold their customers. Expertise has been there within these managers in their associated sectors which consist of marketing, economy, as well as, human resource. Operation Management is associated with the manufacture of commodities and services inside an individual organization. It concerns input and products which are important for successful operational Management. In this context, input mentions the operations of resources which consists of the capability of employees, equipment, as well as, raw material and the focus of output is principally on the dispensation of goods and commodities of completed goods to consumers. Within the Management of operations, Inventory Control is very important like several other functions which commit to the attainments of the targets of the organization. Inventory should be controlled always and the department of procurement always plays an important role within this context. Within manufacturing companies, the presence of the department of procurement is important. The function of Internal Audit helps organizations to detect the follies and weaknesses within distinct departments, and different methods have been suggested that finally expanded the base of their consumers within the market. Within operation management, Management of quality has been considered essential in all organizations. Hence, the concentration of companies is always on the requirements of the customers, as there has been a direct connection of their requirements to the development of the product. They acknowledge the necessities of maintaining the levels as well as they have concerns with regards to the quality of the product. This results in help in holding their consumers. There are several distinct factors which consist of internal auditing, as well as, reengineering has been considered as the vital drivers for their captaincy within the market. The function of Internal Audit helps organizations to detect the follies and weaknesses within distinct departments, and different methods have been suggested that finally expanded the base of their consumers within the market. Successful operations management has been directly associated with the entire objectives of an organization when the execution of operations inside an individual organization has not been done properly. This will adversely affect the contingency of the organization in prolonged terms. Therefore, for the achievement of these objectives that have been required for operations management emerge to be efficient managers. Expertise has been there within these managers in their associated sectors which consists of marketing, economy, as well as, human resource. Operation Management is associated with the manufacture of commodities and services inside an individual organization. 

This essay is regarding the affirmation of broad knowledge of the spectrum of actions and activities that consists of immediate  Deliberate  Operations Management with Distinct contexts and Situations. There has been a discussion regarding the strategic Management in the organizations and the depiction of processes by which an organization can improve its profitability and resources by the execution of Strategic Operation Management. In addition to that, has been an analysis of whether the company will adopt the strategies it will propose. There will be an evaluation of the process by which the organizations will be able to satisfy their customers and cater to them with desired results product that they require. There will be an analysis and amelioration of the performance of the processes inside both the areas of operations and the broader atmosphere of the organization. There will be recommendations regarding the amelioration of the organization’s performance and the process by which an organization can be able to achieve its target and be able to reach the zenith in the global market. The policies will be amended by which a company can achieve its success.




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