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Racism in the United Kingdom Universities


















Racism in the United Kingdom Universities

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Racism in the United Kingdom Universities


Education is a crucial factor in our daily lives. Education has been given priority in many states to ensure students receive education, especially in the United Kingdom. Students in the United Kingdom state consider education as a crucial factor. According to Wong, 2020(p14), United Kingdom institutions are the best in providing an education system to the students partaking in studies for higher education in the state. Concerning McDuff, 2020(p.100), individuals have been making applications to travel abroad with a positive mindset that they will receive the best intellectual rights. Racism is experienced across UK universities. According to the research report, in 2020, between the years 2015/2017, 80 incidents arose of racism. The racial incidents had risen by Sixty one per cent in the United Kingdom universities between the years 2015 and 2017. 

The United Kingdom is believed to have sufficient resources to offer to the students during their course studies all through the academic semesters. 

According to the research of Reay, 2018/09/01 states that racism had spread across the nation that created differences between the black and white students openly. Black students who had applied for scholarships had developed a positive attitude toward American studies. Black students received harassment from the institutions in that they could not enjoy even a single right student in the state. EHRC, 2019(p.86) also states that treatment was also transferred to the black students who had spent their lives in the state as citizens. It is brought into the limelight that white students could not access the same opportunities as blacks while pursuing studies in academic institutions such as colleges and universities. The blacks never enjoyed the same benefits as those white students. Racism existed a long time ago, and it persists even in the present days in UK universities. Black students face several challenges in various colleges and universities. The United Kingdom reported over 60000 racism incidents in various universities every five years. According to EHRC, 2019(p.96), the incidences based on racism concerned the blacks in the United Kingdom universities were so high that blacks were leaving uncomfortably.

Discrimination on race has affected many black students in multiple universities. The race has led to various impacts in universities. Regarding this research paper, racism in universities has negatively affected black students. The implications on race in the United Kingdom include discrimination, student leadership, government rights, Stress, unequal opportunities, academic performance, school dropouts, unequal resources, Government policies, school choice, parenting style, graduation rates, intersectionality, underfunding rates.



The act of discrimination has affected students in the United Kingdom greatly, depending on race. The black is undermined regarding the colour of their skin. Black students in the United Kingdom face several challenges while pursuing their studies. The discrimination challenges the black students faced in higher institutions in the United Kingdom displayed inequality among the students. The white students are given great opportunities and chances. The education quality the whites were given was equal, and therefore, they emerged to be the best with better grades. Equality acts, 2014(p.314) states that currently, Equality has been called for in the institutions to better the opportunities for both blacks and white students compared to the past years. Education facilities were shared to avoid discrimination. The back students could not share the same resources, such as books while studying in the same institution. Students studying in the state include both blacks and whites. Discrimination is rampant in colleges and universities that hinder black students from pursuing their studies at peace. The white students consider themselves better than the blacks regarding their ethnic groups. The black students are judged depending on their physical appearance, leading to different categories of students in the universities. Discrimination has shown the black to lower their self-esteem as students. The black students could not associate with the white students, which later led to a generation of ethnic groups in the United Kingdom. They view themselves as less significant in society. Most students have developed Stress since they are valued as less fortunate despite gender and skin colour. Two categories arose, which was unfair for both: students pursuing studies to improve their living standards.

Academic performance

Stress developed in blacks tremendously, for the blacks kept questioning themselves why they were not considered equal to the whites since both are human beings. According to the statistics of the UK, the number of black students who were studying was forty-two per cent. The population of black students was less by twenty per cent than white students who enrolled for higher education, which were sixty-two in the year 2020. (Advance HE, 2020)


In the United Kingdom, students intermingled from various states to advance their education levels. Students interact with different ages, gender, family background, and also those with disabilities in the education institutions.)According to Gillborn 2015(p.28) states that the black students with disabilities faced harassment from the white students due to their physical disabilities. According to Bilge, 2020, Students experienced several disabilities, such as the disabled and those who suffered from eye problems mental disabilities. They received cruel treatment that made the students underperform in academics. Students from unfortunate families were underrated due to the financial instability they experienced in the community, for they were considered to be the poorest in the community due to the low-class level. The whites are considered to be of the higher class in the institutions hence could not receive equal treatment. Regarding this research, the black students were grouped and separated depending on abilities and classes, creating a division of classes.


Racial Stress

Stress is a significant factor affecting students in universities. They can’t access better treatment and consideration than white students. Most students struggle to meet their expectations, but it is challenging. When it comes to academics, the whites could not work at any given cost. Life was made better, and they enjoyed campus life with no struggles. According to Solórzano 2002, (p.273), Stress has led students to develop depression due to racial discrimination. Students drop out of school because they cannot cope with the unfavorable school life. Some black students develop into chronic madness due to Stress. When Stress overwhelms students, they cannot take their academics so seriously because of the negative mindset from learning institutions and their environs. Some students abuse drugs that ruin their thinking capabilities hence dropping out of school. According to the research, Stress has driven most black students in colleges and universities due to hard work, not giving positive academic results. Stress is among the significant challenges caused by racism in the United Kingdom universities. Academic Excellency requires a relaxed mindset to attain better results at the end of the semester. White students did not face diverse stress challenges as black students. They are dealing with the research. There was an increased number of school drops out of the black students, which had risen by forty-two per cent. Advance HE, 2020 (p. 275) states that in 2017, more than one in 10 black students dropped out of school due to racial Stress. 



Student leadership

Universities are made up of students from different ethnic groups to learn. Besides government leadership offered in the state, students are also given chances to control their institutions. Students are given opportunities to elect leaders to lead them in the institution. Students are granted options to guide other students in various positions in the universities. Regarding the University of Suffolk, 2020, racism has been a significant challenge facing universities in the state. The black students were no longer granted equal opportunities to participate as student leaders. According to the research of Advance HE, 2020(p.201), only thirteen per cent of black students are initiated in the student leadership of the United Kingdom universities. The whites were the ones with more excellent opportunities to lead the institutions. The blacks who were considered less fortunate were never granted the same opportunities as white students. The white students had a defeatist mentality of being governed by blacks. Therefore the blacks did not enjoy any single chance while studying. The white students were dictating the black students. The blacks did not get opportunities to govern other students widely affected their academic performance since they were not considered at any chance. Therefore, concerning the research, racism has denied most black students better opportunities to present their plight to the student council. However, it has contributed to fewer representation positions to the university council, thus initiating inequality in universities.


Unequal opportunities

Students pursuing studies in the same institutions have the right to be granted equal opportunities in studies. In case of an option, students should be given a chance without discrimination. It is disgusting since whites’ opportunities while blacks are denied them. For instance, leadership in the university should be offered without considering a student’s race. Jobs are primarily provided to the white students leaving the whites tarmacking in the field. Concerning the statistics research on Advanced HE, 2020 (p.112) equality, only one per cent is the black lecturers in the higher education institutions in the UK. The most performing students in the institutions are the whites hence grabbing the opportunities highly. Concerning McDuff, 2020 (p.103), in the employment sector, the whites are considered to leave the black citizens in despair without jobs. Most blacks face challenges, but they lack someone to listen to them since they are less considered in society. Resources in the universities were given to the white students that contributed to the excellent performance of the whites. Considering the research, the percentage of blacks is too high for they are denied equal opportunities as students in the same institutions. Denial of opportunities as black students due to racism has greatly dragged the standards of students in most universities.


Academic performance

Education changes the living standards of individuals in society. Students find the need to further their studies to acquire knowledge that helps an individual and members of the community. Racism has spread in the United Kingdom universities, and it has caused effects to the blacks studying from the state. When academic performance is compared between the white and the black students, the whites perform best. Students are ranked depending on gender and family backgrounds. Concerning Gillborn, 2013(p39), the situation worsened when blacks were forced to study in different schools from whites. Rejection forced them to form a group on their own that could favour their well-being while living in the same state as the whites. Schools for black Americans were started to support studies of black in the state. The quest of black schools did not improve the academic performance of the blacks. The white students were given top positions and qualifications in schools. According to Liyanage, 7/23/2020 states that the awards were meant for the best performers, who were the white students. Concerning this research, race has undermined the black Americans in the United Kingdom universities.

The result of racism in the universities was the poor performance of the blacks. Poor academic performance of the blacks demoralized the blacks to the extent of developing a negative attitude towards academics. Whoever, no matter the hard work, no way the blacks could top in academics while mingling with whites in the same universities. The whites could not attend classes as required, but they would emerge at the top with better grades, leaving behind the black students concentrating on their academics fully. According to Advance HE, 2020(p.66), enrolment of black students for higher education dropped by nine per cent compared to 2002 and 1980. In the year 2002, the number declined to thirteen per cent compared to the enrollment of the year 1980, which was seventeen per cent. 


Government policies

Black students have faced hostile environments in the United Kingdom universities. The blacks’ settings were so cruel that the students could not enjoy any given right as other white students. The challenge has extended since the past period.) According to the research of Jivraj, 2020 corruption in the universities has rampantly spread in that black students could not access equal chances in schools. Changes were established and identified by the African support that has fought for the rights of the students in the American universities. According to the research, Lingayah, 2020(p.56), African movements were formed to fight for the rights of blacks in various universities. Racism had spread across the states in that it made the life of the black students hostile for survival in universities. According to the research of the University of Suffolk, 2020(p.20), the African support movements fought hard, ending up requesting the UK government to look into the issues of black students in the UK Universities. The governments set rules and regulations but could not wholly change the universities, but consideration was improved. Racism could not end since issues that concerned government and universities still the whites were given the priority compared to the black students. Academic funds were disbursed to the students but in small portions compared to white students in universities. Racism could not end and further extended to the national government of the united kingdoms. According to Bell, 2013(p.33), it clarifies that the blacks in the government fought against anti-racism in the UK universities. When the government set rules and regulations relating to the universities, the whites considered the blacks last. Racism has affected the university’s black students and staff members since the government could not set equal laws favoring black and white staff in universities. For the last five years, the government has given black students opportunities to be led by the shreds of evidence from the identified universities. (Advance HE, 2020(p101). Despite the claims that the government gave white students consideration, the blacks in universities could not afford the same lifestyles as that of the white students and university staff members.


Funds allocation

Students pursuing studies in various universities are provided with funds to proceed with their academics. Students need support to make their academic success. Without permission, students facing financial constraints could not proceed with their studies according to their expected targets. The government allocates funds for students in universities to support their studies. According to the research of Advance HE, 202(p.134), the black students and staff received unequal funds compared to the funds earmarked for the white. Some blacks were unfunded completely, thus displaying racism and Equality being imparted to them. Racism in universities made blacks strain when pursuing their studies. They could not enjoy any single funds allocated for all university students .According to Valarie 2018, she states that black American students could receive little funds or completely nothing, and therefore they were forced to use their funds to support their entire studies. The white students are the ones who were extensively considered during fund allocations hence benefiting from funds allocated for university students. The funds earmarked for the white students sustained them in their studies, attaining the best. Some blacks facing financial problems end up dropping from school. According to the research of the United Kingdom, the underfunding of blacks was a significant challenge facing the blacks in universities. Unlike the blacks, the whites received total funds, who received nothing to sustain their studies. Racism has dramatically affected the blacks, for they cannot receive matching funds to white students in universities.




Successful students they require to access academic resources to attain success at the end of academics. Students need enough learning resources for them to give out promising results. The university’s mandate is to provide resources for the students to learn favorably while in the academic environment. The blacks did not receive learning requirements ultimately, or when they are provided with, they are insufficient. The white students are the most advantaged in the society since they received everything they needed for the academics, for the black Americans struggled with academics to give up with studies. The environment was never conducive for the studies when it came to blacks. The black students were not allowed to share the same books with the white students at any cost. According to the statistics, women professors were less in number in various universities in the UK. There were only 25 black women and 90 black men professors among 19000 professors across all the higher education institutions in 2018. advance 2020 (p.149) states that the blacks were punished in many parts of the United States. The blacks could not access the services while at the university.

For instance, students’ loans were only disbursed to white students. The rest, who were the blacks, struggled to pay for the fees themselves without receiving government loans. Lack of resources for the black students has dramatically affected the students’ academic performance. According to Fazackerley 2020, some of the students drop out of universities due to harsh treatment. Denial of the ability to access resources has led to academic challenges. Regarding this research, racism led to denying access to resources to black students in American universities. The blacks were denied the same opportunities as the whites, leading to unequal resources to students of the same university.


Unequal rights

Students pursuing studies in the same recognized university need to receive equal rights and freedom as students. The unequal right has been a significant threat to black students. They are denied rights as students from the same university. For instance, leadership was granted to the white students. The blacks had to be controlled by the whites. They lacked powers in the institution. For example, resources were not distributed to the students equally. The whites were given priorities hence denying the blacks. The student leadership council could not allow black representatives on the board. The blacks could not access the same treatment. They were harassed terribly.

On the other hand, the blacks were considered to be poor. Doherty, 2020(p.17) clearly shows that students from low-income families were denied several rights due to their family backgrounds. The black students were not allowed to lead the white students; however, they were forced to join schools for the black students. The whites were considered to be royal hence despising the blacks. Regarding this research on students in the United Kingdom universities, the blacks have been denied equal rights to that of the white student, thus leaving as enslaved people in the United Kingdom state. Students, especially the black students in higher education institutes, were denied rights in the institution.

Regarding the research of racism in the United Kingdom universities, there emerged several factors that the students underwent through. Students in higher education institutes aim for better grades at the end of the academic year in the universities. The blacks faced several challenges that affected their higher education compared to white students. The black students experienced discrimination, lack of resources, unequal rights, poor performance, racial Stress, and unfavorable government policies. The experience for the white did not provide a favorable environment for academics. Therefore, racism affected the black students in the higher education institutions in the United Kingdom. Employments were offered to the whites. According to the research of EHRC, 2019(p.81) states that unemployment to the graduates was 6.3 per cent compared to that of blacks which were 12.9 per cent in the UK universities. 













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