Posted: February 17th, 2022

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence













                            Quality Management for Organizational Excellence

                                                    Executive Summary

This has been a report that concerns the quality management for the organization’s excellence. There is a description and discussion with regards to the appropriateness of underpinning theories, as well as concepts related to quality management and excellence of the organization. There has been a clear explanation and elucidation of the significance of flourishing and executing good practices as a journey to attain feasible performance of the business. The inauguration of a corporatewide quality enhancement strategy within the Engineering Tooling Company in series with the obligations over which have the involvement of Total Quality Management, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and the feasibility of the Culture of Quality. 


This report will focus on Quality Management regarding the excellence of the organization. The company selected is the Engineering Tooling Company (ETC) to complete this report. It has been considered that Quality Management refers to the practice of observing entire tasks of an organization and its activities, as these are necessary for the maintenance of approved potency of excellence. In addition, there has been the involvement of identifying quality strategies by accomplishing and initiating assurance or strategy of quality, quality enhancement, and its control. Being an individual Quality Manager of a specific organization, ETC, the detection of propositions necessary for good excellence of organization is of utmost importance. The main concepts related to quality management give attention to the customers, procedure approach, entire enhancement, management of relationships, guidance, decision making based on the confirmation, and obligation or implication of the workforce (Febriani et al. 2021). 

This part of the report focuses on the discussion and description of the pertinent concepts and theories of excellence of organization and management of quality. In addition to that, elucidation and enhancement of corporatewide enhancement strategies based on Quality Management with regards to the Engineering Tooling Company will be embellished.     Moreover, they will illustrate assurance of quality, Total Quality Management, the prolongation of culture in the organization, and control of quality. (Tortorella et al. 2021). Description and elucidation of the importance of executing and enhancing better practices for obtaining feasible performance of the organization are vital pieces of this report. 

Description and Discussion of the Appropriate Underpinning Theories and Concepts of Quality Management and Organizational Excellence

There are eight comprehensive philosophies of Quality Management are as follows:

1. Consumer Focus

The initial and conceivably most vital principle contends that an individual business will not exist without its consumers. Hence, organizations should endeavour to acknowledge their recent and future consumers to meet their necessities and expectations better. Vital advantages of preparing good relationships with consumers include an enlarged market share, improved revenue, and enhanced customer loyalty. If it has been observed that the company acknowledges and reacts suitably to the demands of consumers, the victory of business has been much undertaken. Thus, paying much attention to these postulations (Guerola-Navarro et al., 2021). 

2. Captaincy

This philosophy eulogizes the integrities of powerful, determined, and amalgamated leadership. The responsibilities of captains are to generate an effective and comprehensive environment. In addition to that, they are responsible for assuring the maintenance of the environment in the future. Executing this philosophy in the workplace of ETC depends on having a traditional vision for a business and correct leaders within the palace to encourage that vision to the remaining team. Investing a few times in acquiring the right from the beginning will save time and pressure in the future (Roy et al., 2021). 

3. Involvement of People

A business is nothing without a customer base, and it will not be able to balance a business without a base of an individual customer. However, the team that performs the task must have enormous skills. The workforce at each standard of an organization is pivotal to the company’s success, and this philosophy is regarding the recognition of that. As a workforce, it is important to assure that the team ETC is prompted and occupied in the regular responsibilities and within the company (Chambers et al., 2021). The workforce requires to acknowledge the significance of the role that they have and the process by which it fits within the broader objectives of the company and acquire responsibility for issues that may be any sort of that may obstruct them from performing the job that they do by providing their best efforts as per their abilities. 

4. Procedure Approach

Asnafi (2021) opined that the approach driven by the process could help a company like ETC avoid operational problems that certainly stem from hesitation above the correct method to go about things. In addition to that, it provides prolonged business for the future as it has set procedures which assure that no movement is there for panic when there has been an acceleration of an individual member of the team, and this leaves everybody in the dark with regards o the vital components of the job that they are doing. Progressing procedures for each area of business in ETC, from businesses to marketing, economics to HR, will assure that the utilization of resources is most effective. It results in cost-effectiveness and consistency in the company’s performance. In addition to that, it permits the company to devote time and attention to greater and exciting tasks whose levels are increased compared to before.

5. Methodical Path to Management

This philosophy is interlinked to earlier one and contends that detecting, acknowledging, and managing procedures utilizing a transparent system will help consolidate the business of ETC. By assuring that team members are committing the correct amount of awareness to vital tasks, wasted time will be eliminated by the members of ETC by which the efficiency of business can be increased much more (Nenadál et al. 2021).In addition to that, a systematic approach permits everybody to approach the entire stage of several procedures and stay contemporary with development. Moreover, it looks substantial for proposed new clients when the business of ETC has been organized. 

6. Perpetual Amelioration

As the ancient epigraph goes, one is going backwards if one cannot go ahead. There must always be a push in business for ameliorations as if it has not been done. One cannot be able to compete with the competitors. Perpetual Amelioration has been considered as an enduring aim of any effective organization. ETC should contemplate the ten topmost flourishing organizations, ETC should guarantee that overall teams have been there in the organization of ETC who have the dedication to ensure that they are always involved in new and advanced things. In addition, dedication to amelioration permits ETC to become the market leader, as it will be the specific company that sets the agenda despite reaching its competitors (Huang et al., 2021).

7. Circumstantial Perspective to Take Decision

This philosophy opines that successful decisions are created based on the logical evaluation of data. Whereas a feeling of the gut can be applicable in several circumstances, it will not be constructed when a company elucidates to the board of stakeholders regarding the downfall of profits by 10% in the current year. Before taking any sort of Decision with regards to the business, whether it may be small or large, it should be assured by the company like ETC that it has overall facts. In this way, if the company have been enquired regarding the reason for taking of specific Decision, or enquired to demonstrate the procedures of by which the business can be benefitted by the Decision that has been taken, overall data will the there at the fingertips to provide the information to this context. In addition, this philosophy depends on having entry to dependable and exact and has been considered another key aspect for an innovative business (Cremen and Galasso, 2021).

8. Reciprocally Advantageous Supplier Relations

All the organizations have a unique management system, special consumer relationships, an all-inclusive business plan. However, one thing has been absent, and it concerns the thing that ETC has delivered to its consumers. Whether the business of ETC provides commodities or products to its consumers, it is to be expected that ETC should depend on a few sort of distributors. This philosophy pronounces that connections between the company like ETC and suppliers should be collectively advantageous to add worth to both parties. It permits both the suppliers ETC company to respond more rapidly and adjustable to the demands of consumers if the things are civilized and congenial between ETC and its suppliers, and the costs can be negotiated very easily (Trachenko et al. 2021).

These philosophies are sketched to become the foundation for an individual host of various other standards of the subsidiary, which comprises Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Clinical Practices, and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). ISO has loved the acronyms. The philosophies of QMS do not strengthen quality systems beyond the globe. In addition to that, the basis of good business practice, disregarding industry or field. By accompanying them, it can be ensured the ETC that the business of ETC is efficient and coherent and this has been regarded as the good delineation of TQM. 

Elucidation and Description of the Significance of Enhancing and Executing Good Practices as a Way to Attain Feasible Performance of Business

1. Brand can be Protected and Risks can be Mitigated

Eventually becoming on the front page due to any sort of scandal is one of the worst nightmares of a CEO. The reason for any sort of scandal may be the inappropriate damage of practices of an organization by which the reputation of that organization and the price to its consumers may be hampered (Settembre-Blundo et al. 2021). However, managing disasters of relations with the public can distract worthy resources that are re-associated with human and finance from the central business. It is quite natural that ETC does not have the desire to become that type of company that permits an oil spill or forces staff to work within those circumstances that are unsafe. By instigating feasible energy that safeguards both the environment, as well as, the staff. In addition to that, ETC can be able to safeguard itself from any sort of destructive incidents. 

2. Being Divinely Inspired Is a Competing Benefit

Feasibility does not diminish from the goal of business, and pervading ETC with motive can help allure prompted, efficient employees that drive commercial success. It has been noticed in a live discussion on Facebook that recent research has shown that there are 89% of administrative trust an organization that has distributed functions and will have larger satisfaction of the employee. In addition to that, it has been said by 85% that they are more presumably to advocate an organization that has a powerful motive to others. ETC should make its organization which can be able to do good globally despite only a specific place by which a sort of paycheck can be provided and this can be considered as a competitive benefit at the time of attracting that talent which can be regarded as best (Glinik et al. 2021).

3. A Developing Market is There for Feasible Commodities

There had been a research in the year 2019 in which it has been noticed that the international consumers which are about 73% have a desire to transform their habits of consumption to minimize their negative effect on the environment, as well as, the sales of the feasible product have developed by closely 20% since 2014. Thousands specifically are inclined to invest more for those products that consist of feasible ingredients or those products in which there has been a claim for social responsibility. If ETC is dedicated to feasible commodities and practices, market share can be achieved by it by the simple convention of those consumers who have a mindset of sustainability and expanding sales (Ahmad et al. 2021).

4. Collaborative Measures Can Drive Transformation

As a specific, it can be felt immersing, separating, or simply not possible to impact transformation in a significant method. This has not to be considered as then case at that time when very developed, effective, and strong organizations cooperating to sort out a few pressing issues of the whole world. When the struggle of governments to address the issue of goods of public, companies which are purpose-driven, functioning with each other to address issues and have exercised huge success (Hermelingmeier and von Wirth, 2021).

For instance, palm oil is inexpensive, adaptable and it has been found in nearly half of those products which are packaged. These packaged products consist of soap, lipstick, and ice cream. However, the production of palm oil has affected the recording of the emission caused by greenhouse gas and bestowed to transformation in climate. In this regard, the producer of consumer goods Unilever perpetrated the utilization of palm oil from authentic feasible sources in the year 2008. The organization collaborated with its opponents, the governments and NGOs, as well as, organizations of indigenous people to conduct a sort of adoption which is industry-wide of feasible palm oil. This results in the continuation of Unilever to become one of the flourishing organizations, and the world has acquired the benefits of an environment of practices of feasible palm oil. 

5. The Worth of Feasibility

As opined by Kim, (2021), the meaning of feasibility is not the sacrifice of profits or placing success on suspension. Alternatively, it has been a typical component of the strategy of success of any organization. A business that is not a factor in the risks of sustainability is less effective in various measures which consist of profitability, development, and retention of an employee. By the integration of feasibility in the business of ETC, success can be found by it instead of feasibility. 


This has a report with regards to the Quality Management of Organizational Excellence. The focus has been provided to the excellence of the organization, and the company that has been selected for the completion of this report is Engineering Tooling Company (ETC). Quality Management mentions the exercise of observing whole tasks, as well as, activities of an organization because these are essential for the maintenance of approved potency of excellence. Moreover, detection of quality planning has been involved with the help of the accomplishment and initiation of assurance or strategies associated with quality, enhancement of quality, and its command. Being an individual Quality Manager of a specific organization, ETC, it has been a matter of importance to detect the propositions that are essential for the organization. There has been an analysis of the chief concepts that are associated with quality management provide attention to consumers, procedure method, overall enhancement, management of relationships, support, taking decisions focused on the confirmation, as well as, obligation or implication of the workforce. This piece of the report focuses on the elaboration and discussion of the pertinent concepts, as well as, theories of excellence of and management of quality. Moreover, elucidation and enhancement of corporatewide enhancement strategies which are based on Quality Management with regards to the Engineering Tooling Company will be embellished. In addition to that, assurance of quality, Total Quality Management, the prolongation of culture in the organization, as well as, control of quality has been illustrated. Description and elucidation of the importance of executing and enhancing better practices for obtaining feasible performance of the organization have become vital pieces of this report. It has been observed that Focus on Consumer has been provided by ETC. Leadership has become a goal of ETC to achieve feasible performance in business. It has been observed that the people of ETC have been involved within the tasks and the tasks have been performed effectively within this organization. The procedure Approach has become another vital component in attaining feasibility in the performance in business in ETC. Management in ETC has been performed methodically so that they can be able to manage their task in a stipulated time and can be able to achieve their goal. This company has been ameliorated perpetually so that the employees can be able to work by providing their best efforts; In addition to that, this has been resulted in the hiring of eligible and skilled employees to perform the tasks of the company effectively. This can be able to increase the reputation of this company and there has been an expansion of the business of their company in the global market. This company has

adopted the process of taking decisions in the circumstantial perspectives which enables them to take decisions logically for the evaluation data of this company, and the success has been gained by this company by taking decisions in this manner. The relationship with the supplier is one of the effective strategies to have feasibility in the business and acquire a good performance of a company. This company has good relations with its suppliers and it has been observed that both are working together by taking decisions collaboratively. This teamwork of both has helped this company a lot and it is important for its sustainable development. In addition to that, the company can be able to manufacture good commodities in the future as it has a good reputation and has good relationships with its suppliers. In addition to that, The employees of this company are much more efficient to maintain sustainability in future too. 

This company has focused on the protection of brands and the mitigation of risks. This company has been motivated divinely which results in a competitive advantage of this company. In addition to that, a growing market has been presented for the feasible commodities and services by which the enlargement of business of the company can be possible and increasing business has been probable regularly. The collaborative measures which have been taken by this company can be able to drive transformation. It has been analyzed that this company has been able to acknowledge the worth of sustainability and this has helped it to enhance its business. In addition to that, it has been evaluated that this company is highly efficient in achieving its sustainable goal and the employees are much more skilled as compared to previous ones as new employees have been recruited. 


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