How to write a personal statement essay

Posted: January 12th, 2021

Personal Statement Help

A personal statement is a unique type of essay that you write when applying to a college or university or applying for a scholarship program. The statement gives you a chance to share more about who you are and to demonstrate to the reader why you are the perfect fit for a particular program.

There are two types of personal statements. It can be general or be written in response to specific questions. A general personal statement is comprehensive and gives you the freedom to choose what to write about. This type of statement is common when applying to join law or medical school.

On the other hand, you can write a personal statement responding to specific questions. Most graduate and business schools ask some questions which your personal statement should reply to.

When am I Required to Write a Personal Statement?

There are different times in life when you might need to write a personal statement. Such as;

  • When applying for a gifted program in your school
  • When applying to join a college
  • When applying for admission to a graduate school
  • Applying to join business or law school
  • When applying to teach ESL

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Writing a personal statement

What do I write ?

A personal statement should be about who you are. It should contain information that isn’t in your transcript or resume.

If you are writing a personal statement for college, your statement should help the board understand who you are, and what you will offer the college. You can tell a story in your personal statement, give examples or even list your accomplishments.

Your personal statement should complement other sections of your application. All your documentation- personal statement, application and short answers should tell a story of who you are. However, you need to do this without repetition.

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If you are writing a personal statement for scholarship applications, you need to discuss why you think you deserve the scholarship. So, in your essay, you need to ensure your personal statement meets the scholarship provider’s goals. Use our personal statement help to ensure you get a killer scholarship personal statement essay.

Irrespective of why you are writing your personal statement, whether to join a college or for a scholarship, bear this in mind. First, the essay should showcase your strengths. While you can acknowledge your weaknesses, it is essential to focus on your strengths.

What Are Some Of The Personal Statement Topics I Can Write-On?

It can be devastating finding a topic for your personal statement. Before writing your essay, find out what the college you are applying to join wants. Some colleges have specific essay prompts, while others do not.

Most students apply using the Common App. The Common App announced that the 2020-2021 essay prompt would be similar to 2019-2020. You have seven topics which you can base your personal statement on;

  1. Share your personal story. This is for any student who feels they have an interest, identity, or talent meaningful to them, and their life would be incomplete without it.
  2. Write about a time during which you faced a challenge, failure, or setbacks. Discuss how the situation affected you, how you overcame it, how it changed you and what you learnt. The lessons we take from the challenges we face can play a significant role in future success.
  3. Remember a time when you challenged a common idea or belief and share the experience. What caused you to question the common faith? How did people react? Was the outcome as you expected?
  4. Have you ever solved a problem- ethical dilemma, research query or an intellectual challenge? Or are you looking to solve one? Explain why the challenge is or was significant to you, how you solved it, or how you intend to solve it.
  5. Discuss a realization, accomplishment or event which sparked personal growth. It could also be an event that resulted in you understanding yourself better or having a new perspective about yourself.
  6. What captivated you? Why does it captivate you as much? What exactly do you want to learn about it? You can talk about a concept or idea that you find engaging.
  7. Write an essay on any topic. It can be an essay you have written before or a personal statement which responds to another prompt, or one which you have designed by yourself.

Note that the last topic idea allows you to choose a topic for yourself. Therefore, it might not help you narrow down to a specific topic, but gives you the chance to write about anything at all.

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How to structure your essay

How Do I Decide What To Write About In My Personal Statement?

From the topic ideas we have discussed above, there are several things you can write about in your personal statement. So, how do you decide which one to write about?

  1. Brainstorm

Start by brainstorming about your life. You can write down your thoughts or think out loud. When brainstorming, try to identify any defining moments in your life. How did that moment impact your life? Did it cause you to change your future plans?

Some of the moments you can discuss are;

  • An in-depth talk with a peer or parent
  • An injury
  • An accident
  • Something new you have tried
  • Revealing a big secret like sexual identity to your close friends or family
  • Your first pet
  • Travel experience
  • Learning a new culture
  • Traveling to a different town

When brainstorming, also focus on what you have chosen. Now that you have a moment to write about, focus on the why and what. If it was trying something new, identify what motivated you to try. How did you feel? What did you learn?

Some topics on this include;

  • The moment you joined the soccer team, a band or a color guard
  • When you realized an activity like journalism is more of a calling than a hobby to you
  • A time you struggled with something, maybe an injury when you were preparing for a big match.

Also, identify what inspired you. What made you think about moving to a new place? What inspired you? Is there anything your source of inspiration led you to do? For example, take part in an activity or join a club. Some topics on this are;

  • A movie, podcast, or a book you read that inspired you to see life in a different way
  • Maybe an app inspired you to learn more about coding or programming
  • A person you met in your life who inspires you
  • A song that you loved so much that it spiked your interest in performing arts.

What are you proud of? Identify the things which make you proud. They could be quirks, milestones, qualities, or hobbies. Here, you can consider;

  • Personal qualities and traits you have
  • Times you have helped others
  • Random things that you do exceptionally well
  1. Shortlist your ideas

You have tons of ideas by now. It is not unusual to realize that some ideas repeat in between sections. Now, from the list of ideas you have, try to identify which ideas are the strongest

  1. Free write

 You now have possible essay topics. Choose the best one and free write. Begin by writing freely as the ideas flow in your mind. Don’t worry about the structure or errors. Let the words flow.

Tips on how to write a captivating personal statement essay

How Do I structure my Essay?

When writing your personal statement, a common theme you need to bear in mind is overcoming adversity. You are free to write about your significant achievements as you demonstrate your adversity.

Therefore, you will not be writing about why you want to take on a particular program. Instead, you will be explaining how the school will benefit from admitting you to their institution.

So, you might start by mentioning or briefly discussing what drove you to apply for that program in that institution. Next, show how some significant events in your life shaped your character and brought out who you are. Lastly, finish off with what you aim to accomplish after completing the program you are applying to.

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How to write a strong personal statement for college apllication'

How to Write a Personal Statement For College

You now have an idea of the topic you want to write about, but now you have to write it down. How do I write a personal statement?

Before writing, you need to ask yourself these questions;

  • What do you consider unique in your life? Do you have something unique>
  • What details of your life can set you abreast of other applicants?
  • Why are you interested in joining this field? When did you realize your interest?
  • Have you learned something about your field of interest that has increased your interest further?
  • Do you have previous experience in the field you are looking to get into?- t could be through personal reading, classes, seminars or work
  • What are your current career goals?
  • What personal characteristics do you possess that improve your success in the profession of your choice? Do you have any documentation that can prove these characteristics?
  • Why should you be considered a strong candidate in the school?’
  • What are the top compelling reasons that you can give to make the admissions board interested in you?

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Tips on how to write a personal statement

Tips on How To Write A Powerful Personal Statement

Before giving you tips on how to write a powerful personal statement, let us discuss what makes a good or great personal statement?

  1. Get personal

A personal statement should tell your story. We all have different journeys that contributed to who we are today.  So don’t shy from telling your unique story.

  1. Answer the question

If the institution has asked questions you should answer in your personal statement, then answer them. When applying to join several schools, you might come across some similar questions asked by different institutions.

Do not use one personal statement for all your applications. Each application should be unique and answer the questions asked. Always be sure your answer fits the question asked.

  1. Consider your audience

Who will be reading your personal statement? What message are you looking to convey through your essay? If the essay is directed to a scholarship provider, how can you write it to show you support their mission?

If you are writing a personal statement for an admissions board, how do you show your personal goals align with the institution’s goals or the school’s culture?

  1. Be specific

Do not shy away from getting into details when it comes to writing your personal statement. For example, do not merely mention that you would like to be a great lawyer and leave it at that. You should always back it up with specific reasons.

Your desire to become an engineer or an excellent doctor should be logical. It should be backed by the result of your experience, which you will be discussing in your personal statement. Make sure your application emerges as the logical conclusion to the story you are telling in your statement.

  1. Tell a story

You need to sell yourself in the best way possible, which is through telling a story. Use a story to demonstrate your experience. Your personal statement should be exciting to read and should distinguish you from others by making it memorable.

  1. Connect the two essential things- Implication and connection

A successful personal statement must have these three things. First, you need to mention one story. Second, discuss the story and why it matters to you. Lastly, connect the information in the story to why it is relevant in your application.

  1. Focus on your introductory paragraph

The last thing you want is to bore the admissions board going through your personal statement. Your first paragraph will either bore the board or excite them enough to want to read further. The introductory paragraph forms the framework for your statement, so keep it interesting.

  1. Find an angle

Do you think your life is pretty much simple and nothing is interesting in it? You need to find an angle which you will write your personal statement. Find an angle which will make your story interesting irrespective of lacking any significant big moments in your life.

  1. Include ONLY what you know

Most people graduate with very little knowledge of what field they want to get into. Therefore, when discussing the field or profession, you want to venture in, stick to what you know.

Also, be specific in relating your knowledge to the course you want to take. You can refer to classes, books you have read, conversations with people working in the field or any other source of information on the career you want. Add in why you think you are most suited for the profession.

  1. Do your research

The school will want to know why you chose to apply to take your course there and not in any other institution. It is essential to do some background research to find out more about the school.

When researching, focus on what makes the school different from others. Is it the school setting, the cultural change or the virtues? Whatever it is that caught your eye is worth mentioning in your personal statement.

  1. Leave out some subjects

We earlier said you need to get personal when writing your personal statement. However, it doesn’t mean including everything. There are some things such as controversial political or religious issues which you should leave out.

  1. Avoid Clichés

Assuming you are applying to join a medical school, you are probably planning to write how you are good at science and how you would like to become a doctor to help people.

Unfortunately, as real as it may be, that is a cliché. You will not be expressing an original thought when writing it. Therefore, avoid writing tired statements and get creative.

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  1. Write correctly

Be meticulous in your writing. Write your essay carefully and ensure you proofread and edit it. Most admission board officers say that impressive writing skills and showing a good English command in your essay matter a lot.

You can seek our personal statement help to ensure your essay is free of any errors. We edit rough copies and rigorously edit them as we check for grammar, punctuation and spelling errors among other ignored aspects like the flow of thought.

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  1. Meet the required word count

Always ensure your personal statement hits the required length. Most essays are limited to 500 words, while some applications will allow as much as 650 words.

Sample essay

Are There Any Personal Statement Examples I Can Refer To?

Here are some successful personal statement essays that you can refer to before writing your essay. However, your essay right the first time is close to impossible. You need reliable personal statement help which we offer.

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Tips on writing a personal statement for graduate school


Final Verdict

You have read this far, so it is probably time to get down to writing your personal statement. We provide personal statement services for scholarship and college applications (undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD courses).

If you are confident, you can write the essay and meet the intended reader’s expectations, that is great. However, remember you need to edit and proofread your work several times before submitting it.

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