how to write a literary analysis essay

Posted: December 5th, 2020

How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay

Writing essays is assignment learners MUST have to write in junior or senior school, college, and university. Essays are an integral part of your school assignment. However, writing a literary analysis essay is a different form of essay writing. So how do you write a literary analysis essay?

This article will help you understand what a literary analysis essay is and how to write one. Once you learn how to write an analysis essay, you will have a deep understanding of how to analyze other authors’ work judiciously.

From our guide, you will also learn the elements, outline, and structure of a literary essay. We have also included tips that will make writing a literary analysis essay easy for you. Read to the end if you would like to become a top-notch essay writer.

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What Is a Literary Analysis Essay?

introduction to literary analysis essay

A literary analysis essay is generally defined as a piece explaining one’s perspective depending on their strong arguments derived from existing literary work. It could be an analysis of a single part of the work or the entire work.

The essay is an academic assignment assigned to literature students to measure the author’s work. Some of the perspectives the learner should analyze are; the structure of the essay, its form, theme, characters, plot, content, and so on.

The main aim of writing a literary analysis essay is to analyze a particular literary work. A common myth is that literary works are only restricted to literature. False. You can evaluate existing work that is in writing or print. Therefore, you can write a literary analysis essay on musical, dramatic, and poetic works.

Let us take an example of a popular book based on a play- Pygmalion, written by George Bernard Shaw. The book is quite popular, and when you look it online, you will find numerous reviews. Each reader uniquely perceives the book.

Therefore, a literary analysis essay does not seek to reject the author’s original work. Instead, the originality presented by the work is a priority. However, the paper allows you to share your view of the book.  But like any other type of essay, there is a format you should follow when writing your literary analysis.

Types of Literary Analysis

Literary analysis takes various forms. What type you use depends on your assignment. These types are;

Theoretical Analysis

When writing a theoretical analysis, you need to use different literary theories in your analysis. You can use these theories to compare, contrast, or separate. A suitable example of this technique is when analyzing Marry Wollstonecraft’s work. You can opt to use different feminism theories.

Close Reading Analysis

This type of analysis is where you read a piece of literary work as you pay attention to every detail, no matter how small. When doing a close reading analysis, you should focus on the specific use of words, repeated lines of sounds. These minute details will help you understand more about the author. It also helps offer insight into the author’s thoughts.

Historical Analysis

Here, you will be working on the historical background of either contemporary society or literature. Reading closely about these two things will result in writing the perfect analysis. However, a historical analysis demands the writer to conduct extensive research.

Comparative Analysis

As the name suggests, a comparative analysis will include a comparison between two literary works. For example, your professor may ask you to do a comparative analysis of poems. In such an assignment, you will need to do a comparative analysis of different poems. You will study the technique and style used in each poem.

Those are the type of analysis a student may be asked to do for a piece of literary work. Unfortunately, most students do not have a deeper understanding of the different types of analysis. Also, students are reluctant to seek online academic essay writing services.

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Components of Literary Work

There are different topics on which a writer can base their literary analysis essay. However, it all narrows down to what you analyze in the work. For example, analyzing a play is different from analyzing a poem. Hence, before writing, you need to know what you would like to examine in your essay. That brings us to the different types of literary analysis.

How can I analyze literature?

There are seven main components of any literary work. They include;


  1. Character Analysis-

    is the character an antagonist or protagonist? What is the character’s physical appearance? How does he or she argue out her points of state things? Also, focus on the way other characters are referring to him or her.


  1. Theme Analysis-

    start by checking the title. Are there any images, allusions, symbols, or other vivid stories about the story?


  1. Plot Analysis-

    under this component, consider the angle of vision on the events, characters, and story.


  1. Setting Analysis-

    describe the conditions under which the story occurs. For example, the time, location, or any relevant conditions.


  1. Conflict Analysis-

    is there any state of disagreement? If so, mention and discuss it.


  1. Tone Analysis-

    be specific about the emotional setting or tone created in the work you are analyzing.


Other types of analysis include style and structure analysis. Imagery, denotation and diction analysis, etc.


Steps in Preparing to Write a Literary Analysis Essay

Adequate preparation before writing will save you time and effort. Preparation makes it easy to organize your ideas, so when it comes to writing the essay, it will have a logical flow. Here is how you prepare to write;


  1. Identify what work you will be analyzing. When you have identified the piece of work you will be researching, read the material. Consider reading the work several times to have a complete understanding.


  1. Research- find out what you can about the author. You can also check what other people think about the book. What is the author’s opinion? How did the other readers react? Does it have any historical content?


  1. Identify what aspect you will be analyzing. Once you identify, react personally—mention which parts you find most intriguing and why.


  1. Find out what the theme of the literature is. Then, try to understand what the author’s main idea was. Note that if you can effectively identify the author’s reasons, back it up, and explain its implications, you will end up with a well-crafted comprehensive literary analysis essay.


  1. Come up with an unquestionable thesis statement, also an analysis statement. A good thesis statement should have;


  • The three main points you intend to discuss in your essay
  • Identify the central part of the argument and point out the organization of the points
  • Explain why your argument is important
  • The thesis should be stated towards the end of your introductory paragraph.

Having discussed that, let’s move on to the next section, writing your literary analysis essay.


Literary Analysis Essay Outline: Planning and Plotting

Before beginning to write the essay text, you need to have an outline. Where will your essay start, and where will it end?

A good writer needs to outline their essay and its structure. You can do this by writing up the main points you intend to discuss. This way, you won’t forget to discuss any main issues. Also, it helps to limit things.

Here is a full outline;


  1. Introduction


  • opening hook and thesis statement


  1. Main Body


  • Literary trend and the place of the work among other authors during that period
  • Genre
  • Theme/ main idea
  • Storyline, plot, and composition
  • Main characters
  • Language used and its features
  • Evaluation of the piece of work by literary critics
  • Modern view and its meaning


  1. Conclusion


  • Restate your thesis
  • Summarize your research

Here is a literary analysis essay template that you might find resourceful.

main elements to consider when writing a literary analysis

How to Write a Literary Analysis Essay

A literary analysis essay follows the general structure of other essays. It needs to have a title, an introduction section, the body section, and lastly, the conclusion. Let us look at each section in detail.

  • Title


In most cases, your professor will assign you a specific piece of work for you to analyze. If not, you can choose a story to write on and read through it. Like we have earlier discussed, your title will depend on which aspect of literature you are looking to analyze in your essay.


  • The Introduction


Your introduction should start with a hook (something interesting). A hook could be a startling statement, a quotation, a fact, an exciting or rhetorical question. It should be a statement that captures the interest of your reader.


Once you have the reader’s attention, now focus on the primary matter. It should be a subject matter which is relevant to the piece of literary work you are analyzing.


You should include the name of the author (in full). Mention the title of the work which you are analyzing. The last sentence of your introduction should be your thesis statement. You will find more information about writing a thesis statement here.


  • The Body


You have introduced the main subject that relates to your essay in the introduction section. Now, you need to develop the main idea using different angles used in literary analysis.


You should offer answers to how, who, what, and why. The body is the section where you develop the main idea of your essay. Your body should contain a minimum of three paragraphs.


Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, textual evidence, and a closing sentence. The topic sentence is the first sentence of the section. It should state the sub-point of your earlier mentioned thesis statement. Therefore, you need to ensure that you tie all relevant details of one paragraph together to ensure it has a logical flow.


Next is the textual evidence. It refers to the supporting detail for the point or argument you have made in the topic sentence. It can be a direct quotation from the book or a paraphrase of the content. We often encourage students to use a direct quotation as it plays a significant role in showing your analyzing skills.


The last sentence of your paragraph is the closing sentence. How you choose to close your sentence is entirely up to you. However, you should remember to make use of transition words. There are numerous transitional words you can use in your essay.

Note that each paragraph should maintain one point of view. Also, remember to explain everything in detail.


  • The Conclusion

how to write a literary essay conclusion

After discussing all your main points, your essay will be coming to a conclusion. How do you end your essay? You can do so by reminding your reader about the essay question and thesis statement.

DO NOT restate the thesis statement word for word. Instead, explain it. You can also write down the concepts and ideas which you have discussed. Also, you can provide the reader with the main arguments of your essay. Make a relevant comment concerning the work you have been analyzing.

There are numerous ways in which you can write the conclusion section.

After you are done with your essay, remember to reread it. Ensure what you have written corresponds to what you were instructed to write. Also, ensure the final paper is free of any errors- grammatical, punctuation, and semantics.

However, it is difficult to edit your work. You may miss some serious errors, such as the logical flow of thought and punctuation. These are errors that could result in a low grade.

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your guide to writing a literature analysis essay

Get A Well-Formatted, Structured, and Customized Analysis Essay

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The 9 Literary Elements You Will Find In Every Story

literary elements you can analyze

You will find literary elements in every piece of literature you go through. These elements are a great place to start when it comes to developing an analytical toolbox.

What is a literary element?

They are present in each form of literature, be it a book, poem, journal, or news article. Different forms of literature will have these elements arranged differently, but they will be present. These elements form the fundamental basis of writing. They also play a significant role in helping us read, write, and understand literature better.

Is a literary element the same as a literary device?

No, they are not. A literary device is an optional technique that a writer will choose and pick. It could be tone, style, theme, genre, meaning, etc. On the other hand, literary elements are components which is present in the works of every author.

What are the 9 Literary elements?

  1. Language


It is an essential element. The main aim of literature is to share concepts, stories, or ideas with a larger population. Thus, all literature needs to be written in a recognizable language.


  1. Plot


It refers to the sequence of events from the beginning of a piece to the end. Therefore, a plot can be described as events that happen in a story.

Different types of literature have various plots. For example, the plot of a play or a novel begins with the exposition. It then gets into conflict, where there is a problem, and the main characters have to handle it.

The characters develop a solution in the rising action section. After they find the answer, the play enters the climax section, where there is tension. The reader wonders if the character will succeed or fail.

After the climax, the story gets into falling action, where the author manages any loose ends. The play then ends at the resolution, where there is an ending, even if it is not anticipated.


  1. Mood


It refers to the feeling a reader gets from reading words an author has put down. Typically, the mood changes from one scene to another. Always think about the mood you get when going through an author’s words to find out what their intention was when creating the piece.


  1. Setting


At what location and at what time do the events of the story take place? Setting refers to the background where all the action happens. Note that long pieces of work tend to have different settings.


  1. Theme


A theme is a central message which the author looks to pass across through his or her work. You can identify the theme by checking for any repetitive ideas. It is a crucial element that even the shortest poems must-have.


  1. Perspective or point of view


What is the position of the narrator regarding the piece of literature? The narrator can tell the story using four points of view. First, the narrator can use the first person, which you can quickly tell by identifying first-person pronouns.

Two, the narrator can use the second person. This is used when the audience is a character in the story. Three, the writer can use the third person when they aren’t part of the story and will be telling it from an outsider’s perspective.

Lastly, the narrator can use the third person omniscient. Meaning, they use third-person pronouns but can tell the reader what is happening to all characters throughout. It is as if the narrator is seeing and hearing all.


  1. Narrator


This is the person telling the story. A narrator doesn’t have to be a character of the story or an active part of the literature. The role of the narrator is to help the reader make sense of the piece of work.


  1. Conflict 

We earlier said conflict is part of a plot. Thus, it is also a literary element. A conflict refers to a central struggle that motivates the character and pushes the story to a climax.

In most cases, conflict occurs between a hero and protagonist or between a hero and a villain or antagonist. Nonetheless, it can also be between two characters or even between a character and his thoughts.

The role of a conflict in the plot is to give the story a purpose. It also motivates the plot of the story. A conflict can be explicit or implicit. An explicit conflict is one which is explained within the story. It is a moment where something or everything goes wrong, and the characters have to act.

On the other hand, an implicit conflict is not mentioned; it is common in poems, where you have to go through it keenly to identify the conflict.


  1. Characters


Any piece of literature MUST have characters. A character can be an object, a person, or an animal. Also, characters come in different forms;

  • Protagonist- this is the main character. All events of the plot revolve around this person/object. In most stories, the protagonist is a hero, and are likely to be characters you will remember even after reading the book.
  • Antagonists- these are characters who work against the protagonist. Naturally, they are usually the most characters in a story

literary dictionary

How to Come up With A Suitable Title for Your Analysis

You have been brainstorming, and you managed to come up with a thesis statement and suitable outline for your essay. However, your title will make the difference between the reader yearning to read your essay and putting it aside.

A good title will do more than just intrigue your reader to read your essay. It also offers a preview of the argument you intend to make in your writing. So, how do you craft a good title?

  • Include your essay’s focus and subject-

    your title should do more than naming the work you are analyzing. It should include the focus and target argument of the piece you are exploring.


  • Use a colon to link your ideas-

    including the argument you will make will provide your reader with a good summary. However, you need to pull the reader in. Using a colon to punctuate your title will give an exciting preview and show some form of professionalism.


  • Make use of wordplay-

    you should write your literary analysis essay using a professional tone. However, you can make use of humor, puns, or any other form of wordplay to captivate your audience.


With our tips above, you will come up with a suitable title for your essay.

What You Need to Consider When Writing a Thesis Statement

Once you have identified the appropriate topic for your essay, the next step is to develop a thesis statement. A thesis is not an opinion, a result of observation, or a proven fact. A thesis should also not include a difficult cause-and-effect relationship, argument, or description of a phenomenon. No

Your thesis is the main idea you will be discussing in your essay. The thesis statement should be expressed using several sentences. When coming up with a thesis, you need to ask yourself, “what is the main idea of my essay?” the answer is your thesis.

Having a thesis statement helps the reader to understand what your essay is about. It also helps the reader see how you understand that piece of work.

Why You Need Help Writing Your Literary Analysis Essay

There are three main reasons why students need literary analysis essay help;

  1. The reading and analyzing process is cumbersome

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  1. It is challenging to gather all the necessary details required for the analysis

Before writing a literary analysis essay, you need to think about why that piece of work was created. To do this, you need to collect all the relevant details on the book, play, novel, or poem. You need to undividedly pay attention to detail, character, setting, imagery, figurative language, symbolism, to mention a few.

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  1. Tedious writing process

Assuming you love literature and you have no problem identifying the elements you require, I’m sure you will admit writing the essay isn’t an easy task. You need to think of the correct words to write and how to write them.

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Literary Analysis Essay Sample pdf

Having a sample you can refer to will help you master the art of writing a literary analysis essay. Here are some literary analysis samples you can download and use as a guide.

Can I Pay Someone to Write My Critical Analysis Essay?

Yes, you can pay reliable assignment helpers such as UniHomeworkHelp to handle your assignments, including a critical analysis essay. When writing a critical analysis, you need to criticize someone’s work and determine its effectiveness deeply.

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template for writing an analysis essay

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Literary Analysis Essay Topics

Coming up with a suitable topic for a literary analysis essay could be daunting. Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing a subject for your paper. Here are some example essay topics;

  • Deaths in Hamlet
  • Misogyny in Hamlet
  • Witchcraft in Macbeth
  • White Man’s Burden: An exploitation in Disguise
  • An in-depth Analysis of Women’s Condition During the Victorian Era


You can always make use of a literary analysis essay topic generator.



Q: Why is it essential to write a literary analysis essay?

A: A literary analysis essay helps students develop writing and analytical skills. It also helps them become research-oriented.

Q: Do I need to cite textual evidence when writing my literary analysis essay?

A: Yes, you need to add citations. Citations are textual evidence that enables the reader to identify the source of the text you have included in your essay. It makes it easy for them to search for it in the text.


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