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    How to Get Through College Without Debt

    Today most students leave college with higher debts than in preceding years. Tuition prices continue to rise, and the students end up taking out loans to afford college. Student loans have become a considerably significant source of debt in most countries.

    How to Get Through College Without Debt

    It is essential to get through college without debt to enjoy a financially-burdenless degree. Students who took out college loans end up spending a high proportion of their salaries repaying their loans. Thus, they end up with less savings, and at the worst, they have bad credit ratings.

    Therefore, the impact of student debts on a recent graduate shouldn’t be undermined. So, what can you do to get through college without debt? Read on for our tips.

    How to get through college without debt

    How to get through college debt free

    1. Find the optimal financial fit 

    To graduate without debt, you need to identify your current financial position. Then, depending on your ability, choose an affordable college. Both public and private institutions differ in their resources and tuition rates. Therefore, making it easy to compare and settle for one within your budget.

    1. Consider in-state tuition

     Mostly, in-state schools tend to lower their tuition costs compared to most private colleges and out of state schools. A study done in the US proves that in-state students pay around $10,000 less than those in out of state schools.

    1. Community college transfers

     By studying two years for an associate degree, and transferring it into a 4-year program is a move that could save students a fortune. First, two-year programs are less expensive and offer students a chance to complete almost all degree prerequisites.

    Second, community colleges tend to be cheaper, and only 17% of them take out federal student loans, unlike in public institutions, where almost 48% take-up loans to afford their education.

    1. Signing up for online colleges

    High tuition costs have made online programs popular. Online colleges have lower tuition prices and lesser secondary expenses. For instance, on average, a college degree costs around $85,000. On the other hand, an online one costs $30,000.

    Some schools also have a distance-learning option, where they offer online courses at an affordable price. A student can take up online classes or sign up for online colleges. They get to save on miscellaneous expenses by studying at home.

    1. Attending no-loan colleges

     There are “no-loan” colleges that offer students Federal Pell Grants. The majority of colleges with these programs still allow students to apply for student loans, though at a lower rate. No-loan programs offer generous funding and, in turn, helps reduce student loans.

    How to pay for college with no money

    How to pay for college with no money

    You got admitted to the college you’ve always wanted to join. But there is no mention of scholarship in the acceptance letter. Now what? The good news is that there are several financial aid options for most students, which lower the cost of studying.

    Even if you missed a scholarship, there are several ways to beat the cost. There are grants which don’t require you to pay back. There are student loans, which you must payback. However, we strongly recommend seeking grants and other scholarships.

    Here is how you can pay for college if you are short of money;

    1. Grants

    The federal government, states, and colleges offer grants for students, which aren’t repayable. They are mostly awarded according to financial need, and the amount is determined according to the income you report when applying for FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Grant.

    When you qualify or receive a grant, you will be notified through a financial aid letter of awards. Mostly, the letter comes at the same time as the acceptance letter- though it could be sent later.

    When colleges are giving out grants, they consider how much your family can pay, and then try to fill in the rest through the grant. Federal Pell Grants are awarded to families whose annual income is below $30,000.

    1. Private scholarships

     There are numerous private scholarships that you can take advantage of. They are mostly offered by non-profit organizations, companies, and community groups. You can start by consulting your high school counselor, who can suggest some of the scholarships you may qualify for.

    1. Requesting the college to add more money

     Yes, it is possible to haggle over financial grants. You could write a letter of appeal and later call the school. When writing the formal appeal letter, we recommend re-emphasizing how you will add value to the school.

    It works better if you explain your current financial situation, for instance, letting them know your family has other expenses such as a medical bill. Also indicate any change in the family’s financial status, since the grants are based on the income details from the previous year.

    1. Part-time jobs 

    As a college student, you can sign up for a part-time job. Mostly, you will need to have already submitted FAFSA to stand a chance. These jobs pay the students directly, the least standard payment method being monthly. The wages are calculated hourly, though the total amount you earn cannot exceed your award.

    We would recommend starting by trying to get a work-study job. If it fails, get a regular part-time job. Students can also work online on websites such as QuadJobs and WayUp. Other student-friendly jobs include tutoring, babysitting, and dog walking.

    1. Live off-campus

     If there is a community college around your area, you could enroll in it and live at home. It will save you a significant amount.

    1. Student loans

     This should be your last resort, though mostly inevitable. Sometimes you may qualify for grants and scholarships which might cover most, but not all bills. If this is the only option left, try borrowing from the federal government prior to trying private lenders.

    Federal loans have more borrower protections and lower interest rates compared to private lenders. Remember, you must have filled out FAFSA, or else, you won’t stand a chance.

    First years in colleges can borrow a maximum of $5,500, though some students have more significant financial needs than others. Such students can be allowed subsidized loans which remain constant and begin to accrue interest after graduation.

    There is a PLUS loan, a type of federal student loan which allows parents to take up loans to support their children through college. To qualify for these loans, one must undergo a credit check. Note that this loan comes with relatively high-interest rates.

    The school is responsible for determining how much a parent is allowed to borrow. The amount borrowed should cover the entire cost of attendance, without other sources of financial aid.

    How to go to college for free

    How to go to college for free

    Yes, college is expensive, unless you are among the few lucky students who get fully funded scholarships. If not, you’re probably going to have to take up student loans or an extra job. But have you considered joining free colleges?

    There are several free colleges where you could sign up. Most of these colleges rely on annual gifts and funding to keep taking in students. Here is an updated list of the best free colleges this year.

    Alternatively, if you have a liking for the army, it could help. You can sign up and take advantage of the educational benefits they offer. The military could pay your tuition fee, though you must have completed three years of serving in active duty and receive an honorable discharge to enjoy these benefits.

    Debt-free colleges

    Graduating debt-free sounds too good and probably unreal. However, there are debt-free colleges that are making it a reality. These colleges are offering financial aid but not through federal student loans.

    The idea came up to reduce the ever-growing student debt loan in the United States. There are quite many debt-free colleges, which you can choose from.

    How to pay for college with no parents or savings

    How to pay for college with no parents or savings

    Getting a way to cater for your college expenses with no parents, savings, or financial aid will require you to be creative. You could feel left out, and some of your peers may find it unconventional. Most times, you might take longer to complete your degree, but you will be far much ahead of those earning their degree but swimming in debt.

    First, you can start by choosing an affordable college that you can manage to pay for. Second, consider applying for grants and scholarships to get you through college. Since it is not a guarantee to get a grant or scholarship, you can also consider applying for a student loan, though, as a last resort. Third, you can enroll for work-study or apply for part-time jobs to cater for your fees. Lastly, try to cut on costs as you continue schooling.

    Benefits of paying cash for college

    It will be strenuous and hard paying your college fee and other expenses in cash. Here is why it is worth it;

    1. Brighter future – most parents take up loans to help their children either pay for college or settle their student loans. Therefore, they end up halting their 401K and other retirement plans to take care of the loans. A move that will harm the entire family in the long run.
    1. No interest accrues – getting a student loan could seem easy and harmless at first until it is time to pay, and you have to deal with accrued interest. You don’t have to worry about the importance if you pay by cash. 
    1. Less stress – people who graduate from college with debts have little net income after deductions are made. They tend to stress more, especially during the initial years after graduation.
    1. Better grades – you probably think working as you study will negatively affect your school performance. On the contrary, students who work and study have higher GPAs compared to those who don’t work.

    Ways to pay for college without loans

    Ways to pay for college without loans

    Even with financial aid, paying for college is still tough. So what happens when you fail to get financial assistance, and don’t want to take on loans? Here is how you can pay for college without accumulating debt.

    1. Apply for financial aid 

    Free money has always been a good idea. There are a lot of grants and scholarships you can apply for online. Also, there are local community groups that pass out small amounts such as $500, and their applications are less competitive. Look out for such groups around your community.

    We suggest you apply for as many as you can as long as they fit your abilities and are in line with your plans. However, as you search for these grants and scholarships, apply only for those you qualify for.

    1. Paying as you go 

    The best way to afford college is to pay as you continue. Get a part-time job and pay for college as you earn. Though it could be slow going, demanding, and exhausting, at the end of college, you will be debt-free, and you will appreciate the struggles. 

    1. Negotiate 

    After you get accepted into college, and your offer comes, you can try negotiating with the school.

    1. Tuition payment plans

     You may have applied for the federal student loan but didn’t get any offers, what next? Try out tuition payment plans, available in most schools. Rather than taking a student loan, these payment plans have low-interest repayment schedules that come in affordable monthly payments.

    1. Employer tuition assistance 

    If you are working another job, whether full-time or part-time, consider employer tuition assistance. Some companies work with schools to support their employees who are pursuing degrees.

    Mostly, if your degree relates to your job, chances are the employer will reimburse you for tuition as well as other costs. Consult with the human resources division, or directly with your boss to know whether they have this offer.

    1. Saving for college 

    Some people take a break after high school, or between semesters. If you prefer taking breaks in between, you could get a job and start saving for your college fee. It could be somewhat tricky but doable.

    1. Opt for a five-year masters package 

    If your degree has a master’s level, which makes it useful, how about considering signing up for a five-year master’s option? Some schools offer both bachelor’s and masters after five years. It will be affordable, time savings, and extremely helpful in reducing your educational costs.

    1. Live on a budget 

    The critical point in affording college without taking up student loans is streamlining your financial choices. Sound financial decisions begin by coming up with a budget and sticking to it. A budget will help you utilize every dollar. You can use free budgeting tools to track your expenses and keep tabs on your balance.

    If you have tried all these options, but still realize you need additional financing, consider refinancing after graduating. It will be your best chance to get loan approval at the lowest rates and repayment plans.

    Scholarships for college

    Scholarships for college

    Consider conducting a scholarship search to narrow down on the best awards tailored for you. There are millions of scholarships you can apply to. They could be by major, sports, state, type, etc. Here are other factors that will help determine which scholarship works for you.

    Also read: Fun Activities For University or College Students


    Everyone you know could be taking student loans, and it seems like a culture. Student loans could mean graduating with massive debt and being buried in them long after college as you make repayments. Remember, the goal after graduating from college is financial freedom. Using our tips above, you can get through college without debt.


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