Posted: February 17th, 2022

Equality Law Obligations in Higher Education

Education and Training

Table of Contents

Task 1. 3

TASK 2: 4

Task 4. 8

Task 5. 10




Task 1

The Impact Of Personal, Social And Cultural Factors On Learning

Review of Personal Factors on Learning 

A variety of interpersonal variables have been shown to influence learning. This assignment will offer a thorough understanding of such aspects. Students will be prepared to recognize their shortcomings and develop solutions due to their insight and complete mastery of these factors. Age, Gender, and Peer Pressure are three personal elements that affect learning that they will explore in this work.

With age, another aspect that peeps out is Maturity. If a student is mature enough to understand that he must learn a particular subject, he will not need other stimuli because Maturity comes with age. For Younger students, their ability to learn, memorize things, and calculate increases with age. Many motor learning skills appear to be well preserved with age, although the critical features that ageing affects learning are not yet known. (Hagiwara et al., 2021). Gender has been shown to play a crucial effect in learning at various stages. According to multiple studies, men are more inclined to attend a training demonstration or any instructional session. According to a recent study, men engaged in more ineffective learning programs in science and technology, but women experienced lesser engagement. When asked why, it was discovered that women are more conscious of their gender identification and felt criticized based on it (De Bondt et al., 2020). Peer pressure sometimes persuades students to perform or believe something they would not normally do. Students and family may cope with peer pressure by fostering an environment of diversity and inclusiveness. All of these factors, as well as establishing critical communication skills to assist or manage negative peer pressure circumstances and creating perseverance, can help.

Review of Social Factors on Learning

Financial circumstance, like the other psychological characteristics mentioned beforehand, has a visible impact on learning. Presently, particularly in this current scenario, practically all higher academic organizations provide online lessons, that, for understandable reasons, necessitate the use of a smart phone, tablet, or desktop/laptop, as well as a medium to high-speed internet connection. These devices need a very little financial commitment, which is not proving to be particularly difficult to come by for most households at the moment. In this scenario, among the most crucial factors is money. Not everyone has the economic means to send their child to a prestigious college, which charges significantly more than slightly better schools. Completing virtual courses might disclose private details to the outside universe via the internet. However, the networks upon which lessons are hosted are secure, prospective hackers may get access to and misuse the material without the users’ knowledge. (Abbas et al.,2019). 

Review of Cultural Factors on Learning 

Five factors that may impact learning are early socializing, political conservatism, ecological flexibility, biological effects, and linguistic. African Americans may have superior intellectual capacities, according to Dr. Christine Bennett. Time is perceived in a collectivist fashion in high-context cultures, suggesting that timetables are dependent on people and occurrences.

The Impact Of Different Cognitive, Physical And Sensory Abilities On Learning

Cognitive Abilities 

Attention is the ability to reflect one’s attention on a single topic or concern while shutting out all other distractions. When you have clarity of mind, education is easier and comprehension is quicker. When individuals are completely cognizant of their environment, they can take advantage of the economic and interpersonal possibilities that exist. Improving sensory imagination will have a substantial influence on a person’s learning ability because the eyes contribute up to 70% of all mental skills.

Physical Abilities 

The physical talents that an individual may rely on while interacting with the surroundings are inextricably linked to the type of education they get. Humans learn how to communicate with the environment via physical encounters while they are small. As our physical skills advance, so does the range and complexity of our relationships, culminating in more complex education.

Sensory Abilities 

Sensory difficulties that impact learning might be considered in terms of how to create sensitive surroundings and increase a student’s psychological tolerance on a regular basis. The necessity and benefit of covering sensory perception in the curriculum is recognized by a number of instructors and organizations. In certain courses and institutions, the concept of analyzing the sensory aspect of the teaching environment and behavioural monitoring strategies is a novel concept.

TASK 2: 




A review of policies, regulations and practices dealing with inclusive practice has been done in this report. A study has also been carried out to find out how the policy influences organizational practices, initiatives, policies and the influence of the provided framework in inclusive practice. 


2.1 Summary of Policy and Regulatory Framework in association with Inclusive Practise: 


According to the Equality Act 2010, private or independent providers of education, including those whose students have disabilities, racial identities, gender identities, pregnancy, sexual orientation or maternity, are prohibited from discriminating against them. Students, faculty, staff, and other school personnel may not be discriminated against on these grounds. Discrimination may also take place based on direct (e.g. single-gender schools), indirect (e.g. tuition), or both. Discrimination against disabled students, and not making accommodations (e.g. including blind students in learning techniques). Harassment and victimization of pupils also fall under the act(Vincent, and Chiwandire, 2019).


There is a focus on deaf children when interpreting and implementing educational inclusion. The current agenda does not address the core issues. A paradigm shift is needed to achieve equity for deaf people. Providing that deaf children have access to the full curriculum is important, as well as ensuring they have the right to participate fully in school. There is also an issue with deaf children getting the right to use their own language at school. To improve this situation, policies must be developed.


Having a visually impaired student has been a concern throughout the whole education system. The entire curriculum needs to be prepared in order to meet the needs of visually impaired students. Students with disabilities are similar to normal students intellectually, so it is essential that they have the same opportunities as students with no disabilities(Cameron, et. al, 2019).


A student might be taught equality, diversity, and human rights in the classroom, where it defines the ideals for the society for learners aged 14 to 19. The progress of fairness and equality among learners aged 14 to 19 is critical for laying the foundation for future success. It is the best option for them to get prepared by implementing the 14 to 19 curriculum. 


2.2 Influence of organizational policies relating to inclusive practice with the help of policy and Regulatory Framework. 


Policies and regulatory frameworks influence organizational policies by providing all applicable policies that are documented and accessible to all stakeholders, including students, teachers, and employees. It includes promotion and advertisement in the course of the organization on the websites and also in the open and fair market, and if anyone meets the standards listed can apply for the same. 


A framework, based on these policies, will be used to inform students and teachers of their responsibilities in providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone to be comfortable speaking openly and interacting with one another. A complaint procedure will ensure respect and fairness, ensuring that everyone’s rights are protected and a fair hearing will be held for all members.


To deal with all the problems and hold the organization accountable, an organized system for conformity to inclusion must be implemented. Every stakeholder that is associated with the organization should follow all the policies that have been framed. This helps the organization on making the particular person accountable for the specific task. (Morris,, et. al, 2019). 


After the hierarchy of responsibilities has been determined and people are held accountable for their actions, and organizational chart can determine if there is a shortage of qualified personnel as well as gauge the staff’s effectiveness in terms of the capabilities of the company. This contributes towards a quality management system within the organization.


Employees no longer need to do CRB checks during the hiring process, since Disclosure and Barring Services replaced CRB checks. This allows employers to look into past criminal records in accordance with safeguarding regulations, and to prevent disqualified people from being hired.


2.3 Policy and Regulatory Framework influence on own inclusive practice. 



Policies and regulatory frameworks make current legislation widely available in an organization. This allows individuals to make better use of these frameworks in the implementation of inclusive practices. It also provides the individual with the ability to examine these documents in order to adapt them in a more effective manner. By doing this, one can gain a deeper understanding and an improved understanding of the individual tasks that need to be performed. Additionally, the record-keeping is also improved, further ensuring that the employees’ tasks are done appropriately and that the students receive the required learning outcomes.


In addition to knowing which resources to use, having easy access to activities, and using interactive teaching options, students with special needs are not at risk of unfair learning practices. Each of the steps that are implemented by a company in offering high-quality education is analyzed on a regular basis to determine that it has had an impact on the students. The courses and curriculum should always lead to the advancement of the students and their progress should also be monitored by each company individually(Welikala, 2019). 


Student or individual security and protection can be ensured through challenging, contesting, and readdressing the current situation, which provides a disadvantage to students. The need for a friend in this situation arises so individuals can speak up about the sort of discrimination they’re facing. Using the college behaviour policy and ground rules to handle inappropriate behaviour like bullying and stereotyping, a safe and stable environment is created where students are able to master their academic tasks comfortably.




The report considers the Equality Act, 2010, which includes policies aimed at bringing the ables and disabled students to the same level of inclusion and it makes recommendations that can be implemented to create a system where discrimination between students is eradicated. It has become a necessity to successfully implement the Equality Act, 2010 so that the students and all the faculty associated with teaching can be treated fair. It also outlines a policy framework to guide all stakeholders within the system throughout.


Task 4

4.1 Review of the Key Features and Benefits of an Inclusive Learning Environment

Advantages of Inclusive Education

1. Visions of Families of a Normal Life for Their Children Can Come True

Every parent has desired that their children should be like that they can be able to accept their peers, they have their friends and can be able to lead daily lives. Inclusive settings can be able to create this vision and actuality for several children who have disabilities (Orazbekuly,2021)

2. Children Grow a Positive Acknowledgement of Themselves and Others

When classes are being attended by the children by which similarities, as well as, distinctions can be reflected in the actual world, appreciation of diversity can be learned by them. Respect and acknowledgment develop when the children who have individual differences and cultures connect and learn with one another.

3. Enhance Friendships

Schools are vital locations for children to enhance friendships and acknowledge those skills which are social. Those children who have disabilities and who do not have any disabilities acknowledge with one another and from each other within an inclusive classroom. 

4. Children Acknowledge Vital Skills of Academy

Within inclusive classrooms, both the able and disabled children are wished to acknowledge to study, write, as well as, do sums. With greater expectations, as well as, good command children who have disabilities acknowledge kills of the academy. 

5. Children Ackbowledge by Togetherness

As the principle of Inclusive Education is focused on helping entire children acknowledge, everybody within the class facilitates. Children acknowledge at their speed, as well as, style in an environment which is nurturing. 

Importance of Inclusive Education 

a) Every child is capable of being a part of a community-enhancing a specific sense of acceptance and being prepared better for life within the community both as children, as well as, adults.

b) Better opportunities can be provided by its acknowledgment. Children with different capabilities are certainly better stimulated when they acknowledge in those classes which are surrounded by different children (Rosyadi et al. 2021).

c) The desire of every child are higher. Effective inclusion tries to enhance both the strengths, as well as, gifts of an individual.

d) It permits children to function on individual aims at the time of residing with other students of their age.

e) It motivates the participation of parents with the learning of their children and the endeavors of local schools

f) It promotes a culture of admiration and acceptance. In addition to that, it provides chances to acknowledge and receive individual differences.

g) It provides the chances of making friends to every child. Role models have been provided by friendships and it provides the chance for development.

Key Characteristics of Inclusive Education

1) Receiving every child categorically into daily classes and school life.

2) Support has been provided to students, teachers, as well as, classrooms which is essential to assure that participation can be done by every child in both schools, as well as, classes.

3) Detecting the activities of every child that can be done alternatively what can not be done by them (Sobchenko et al. 2021).

The ways to promote equality and value diversity

In the organizational aspect, it is important to learn and promote the equal behavioural approach and it can be affected in the diverse nature also. Through this, the inclusion effects can be measured in the process of learning prospects.

  • By creating various opportunities in the different fields, the diversity approach can be impacted, and it can be affected in the sharing prospect to implement the individual nature.
  • By improvising positive attitudes to others, the equality and the diversity prospect can be affected by this. In the learning process, it can be measured by the effective potentiality.
  • To learn the prospect of equality and diversity, another effective part is to engage the students in the learning process, and through this, it can be helpful to maintain the diversity prosperity.
  • The equality can be maintained by the encouraging aspect in the team working process and through this, the effectiveness can be shown in the individual empowerment also.
  • Working with the other communities can be helpful to decrease the diversity nature and maintain the equality prospect adequately. 


Analyze ways to promote the inclusion

In the learning process, it is important to maintain the teaching and learning aspect by maintaining the diversity in the working nature and it can be effective to maintain the various resources from the other learning aspect and by this, the effectiveness can be maintained by improvising the flexible nature.

  • Follow organization’s policies and procedures – in the positive learning aspect, it is important to follow the organizational policies and procedures to promote inclusive practice, and through this, the effectiveness of the organizational aspect can be improvised in the learning system.
  • Encouraging and following best practices – to include the inclusion practices, it is an essential prospect to maintain the practice process to encourage the learning systems, and through this, the following aspects can be conversed as per the various organizational abilities.
  • Own approach in teaching – in the learning system, it is also an effective part to produce own approach in the teaching process and through this, the promoting process of inclusion can emerge in the working aspects also.
  • Tackling discrimination – nowadays, the discrimination prospect can be impacted in the learning process and through this, the essentiality of the discrimination process can be measured in the organizational aspect. It should be learned to tackle this situation in any prospect and it can be effective to promote inclusion.
  • Empowering process – to promote the inclusive nature, it is also important to address the empowered behaviour in the learning process. Through this, it can be effective to maintain prosperity in the different learning processes.


Task 5

Effectiveness of inclusive practice

In the learning process of education, it might be happened to maintain the inclusive practice in the diverse nature, and through this, the effectiveness can be identified by the different aspects of variables. The various prospects in the learning method can be affected by the nature of the different elements, and it can be effective to maintain the various prospects of the education and learning process. The own reflection can be identified by the different tools and methods, and through this, the effectiveness of the identification process can be effective to maintain the learning prosperity in the education process.

  • Use of SWOT analysis in inclusive practice – to know about the effectiveness of the learning prospect, SWOT analysis is the essential tool that can be effective to maintain the opportunities indifferent prospect. Through this analysis process, the ability of strengths and weaknesses can be identified and it can be helpful to optimize the opportunities and threats prospects.
  • Self-Assessment Review (SAR) – by reviewing the self-assessment process, the learning outcomes can be emerged as per the feedback and it can be effective to motivate the learners to understand the learning prospect. It can be helpful to identify the gaps of knowledge and try to develop by using skills.
  • Formal and informal evaluation – the effectiveness of the formal and informal assessment can be evaluated by the term of the various methods and it can be effective to perform the support system and it can be effective to indicate the terminal aspect by the data-driven support policy.
  • Use of peer evaluation – to understand the practice method in the teaching aspect and the prosecution of the course can be emerged as per the improvement policy of the evaluation and it can be effective to define the metacognitive skills adequately. The main purpose of the peer evaluation is to improve the quality of the teaching and learning prospect and it can be effective to maintain the quality as per the learning aspects.
  • Discussions with colleagues or line managers – the development process in the learning prospects can be effective to maintain the experiencing nature of the different learning prosperity and the sense of identity can be implemented in the process of advocacy. The discussion with the colleagues or line managers can be helpful to maintain the learning probability and it can be effective in the development process also.
  • Outcomes of observation feedback – the inspiring reflection of the learning and education prospects can be evaluated as per the reinforced feedback and the promoting nature of the different learning processes can be evaluated by the inspiring nature of the reflective nature. Through this, the determination process of developments can be intended as per the understanding prospects.

Identify strengths by inclusive practice 

Through inclusive practice, the identification process of strengths can be evaluated by the different implementation processes and it can be effective to segregate the setting prospects through this, the disabilities in the different learning processes can be infrastructure by the process of the various disabilities prospects and the successful implementation prospect can be emerged by the different challenging nature.

  • Reflective practice – the core strength prospect can be identified by the different improvement areas and it can be effective to maintain the reflective nature in the learning process. Through this process, the findings of every feature can be defined by the different fundamentals aspect and through this, the personal effectiveness can be increased. By conducting the questioning process, it can be effective to identify the strength and improvement areas and the development process can emerge.
  • Self-awareness – it is another process to identify the learning aspects of the different prosperity and it can be effective to increase the confidence level. Understanding the accurate nature of the self-awareness process and the honesty and humility of the learning process can be effective to increase the understanding level. It is a high-quality function in the learning process and through this, it can be effective to increase the emotional prospect.
  • Open aspects of identifying skills – the communication nature like listening, speaking and writing aspect can be optimized by the different aspect and it can be identified by the analytical and research prospects. Through this, the adaptability and flexibility nature of the different skills prospects and through this, the interpersonal abilities can be increased in the learning process. It can be effective to maintain the leadership aspects in the management process, and it can be effective to maintain the ability by planning, organizing and prioritizing the working abilities.
  • Recognition impact of discriminatory practice – through the discriminatory practice, the identifying nature can be explained by the different aspects of the social aspect and the effectiveness of the learning process can be emerged as per the different variables. The fundamental prospects of social exclusion and inequity and through this, the social exclusion and disparity can be produced by the learning prospects.
  • Value of contribution – as per the classroom prospect of the different learning stages and the functional contribution prospect can be defined by the development process, and through this, the learning objectives can be found by the different abilities. The accessibility in the consistent process and the collaborative nature to maintain the personalization. 
  • Responsiveness in improvement – the standard process in the behaviour aspects can be responsive to maintain the consistency in the defining process of various natures, and it can be effective to approach the specific needs in the learning process. The sensitive prospect of the different learning aspects can be identified by the different approaches of the learning, and it can be essential for the improvements in inclusive practice.
  • Be proactive – as per the literature prospect, it is important to know about the parameters of the inclusive practices, and it can be effective to understand the ability perspective. The understanding process of different learning areas and the experiencing nature of the different prospects to know about the area of improvements adequately.
  • Positive change – identifying the nature of the different perspectives of inclusive practice can be helpful to address the improvement areas and strengths properly, and by defining these prospects, it can be effective to create the positive change, and it can be improvised by the changing nature aspect.

Plan opportunities to improve skills in inclusive practice

It is important to take various opportunities to improve the skills in inclusive practice, and the effectiveness can be seen in the changing nature. The learning objectives can be measured as per the different processes of evaluation and the improvement prospect can be seen in the professional aspect also.

  • Working with others for development – it is important to maintain the development process by working with the others, and the effectiveness can be measured as per the various prospects in the learning process. In a professional field, it is important to work with the other employees to learn something new, and it can be effective to identify the different prospects of the learning.
  • Opportunities for CPD – by enabling the CPD prospect the consciousness and proactive nature can be improved, and the passive nature of the vocational prospect can be effective to maintain the professional aspect. The personal improvement policy can be emerged as per the development process and the incorporative nature in the learning process can be improvised by the different aspects.
  • Visit other organizations – it is also an important behavioural approach to improve the skills by inclusive nature of the different fields. By visiting the other organizations it can be effective to improve the organizational aspects and it can be effective to maintain prosperity in the different fields of action.







Cameron, H., Coleman, B., Hervey, T., Rahman, S. and Rostant, P., 2019. Equality Law Obligations in Higher Education: reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010 in the assessment of students with unseen disabilities. Legal Studies, 39(2), pp.204-229.

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