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Posted: February 4th, 2021

Discussion Post Reply Help

A common notion about learning online is that online students remain anonymous and isolated. Thus, most people think online learning is boring and lacks the scholarly debate that takes place in a regular classroom.

That is just a myth.

Online learning is exciting for most students. Unlike traditional classes where students can duck to the back of a lecture hall and hide from the instructors prying eyes, online students are forced to participate through online discussion boards.

The aspect of online classes that students dread most is discussion boards. The smart move for most students is to wait until the last minute to post a few sentences response, and that is it.

Sadly, that won’t get you full points for your response and may lead to low grades. With our discussion post reply help, we can craft thoughtful discussion post responses that will score you full points and improve your overall grade.

What is a Discussion Post Reply?

A discussion post reply is that a student responds to a discussion question or prompt by an instructor through an online class discussion forum. The best discussion post reply should demonstrate your understanding of the course content and present a cohesive argument backed with evidence.

Discussion boards are considered a base for two-way interaction and communication between your instructor and classmates. Online discussion forums are the heart of online studying since they provide a learning and engaging platform.

Why Should I Strive To Do My Best in a Discussion Post?

Most students don’t understand why it is necessary to thoughtfully craft a discussion post. It is just a reply to an ongoing discussion, why should I do my best?

Discussion posts are graded, and that is why you should always strive to do the best. These posts contribute to your overall grade. The grading may depend on how detailed your post is or the length of your posts. Therefore, it is essential for a student studying online to learn how to craft strong posts that contribute to a meaningful learning experience.

Different institutions have different requirements. While the specific requirements vary according to the institution and course, the essential requirement is that there should be a weekly discussion question(s). Students should make an initial post and afterward respond to posts from other students in the class.

The advantage of participating in an online discussion forum compared to a classroom discussion is you get time to carefully come up with a response. You can take your time and work carefully to create a quality post.

We have added tips to help you make your next discussion post score you high grades. Even better, you can use our discussion post reply help to ensure your discussion posts always stand out.


How Do You Write a Good Discussion Post?

  1. Read the prompt carefully

You need to fully understand the prompt before working on a response post. When going through the prompt, pay close attention to;

  • The purpose- what is the reading or question you need to respond to?
  • Response type- are you required to make an argument, find a solution to a problem, reflect on a personal encounter or compare two ideas?
  • Particulars- when is the due date? What is the specified word limit? What sources should you refer to?
  • Formatting- has your instructor asked you to follow specific formatting? If none is indicated, always use the APA formatting style.
  • Expectations- how will your instructor assess your response post? You can find the expectations from your instructor
  1. Research

After carefully going through the discussion prompt and guidelines, it is time to research. Refer to provided course material, libraries, eBooks, and other scholarly sources to familiarize yourself with the topic and develop a strong argument.

As you research, keep a tab of the sources that you find most relevant to your response. You will need to cite these sources in your answer. The more research you conduct, the more detailed your post will be. Also, it will help answer any subsequent responses.

rubric sample for online discussion

  1. Refer to the Scoring Rubric

In each discussion board, there is a scoring rubric. Most instructors share the rubric with their students beforehand. However, if you haven’t received one, you can always ask your professor for one.

Once you get it, work backward. Read the rubric thoroughly and understand the evaluation method. Pay attention to any provided pre-requisites you need to meet to score high grades. Ensure that your post reflects these elements for you to score high.

  1. Prepare your response

Before writing your response, you need to prepare it adequately. You can go through any previous remarks or feedback the instructor may have given you in the past. Based on that, you will know how to improve the next post.

Spend time writing down your ideas, thoughts, or opinion on the question or the reading. Choose the best two strongest arguments among the list and structure your response around it. From the two, assess which idea you can support best based on the evidence you get for each.

Logically piece a rough outline of your response. Find an approach that will make your opinion clear and persuasive.

  1. Add evidence and examples

When writing essays, you are always asked to back your claims using evidence. In the same way, you need to add proof when writing discussion posts.

Each claim you present needs to be backed by supporting evidence and relevant examples. Using evidence helps explain your point more effectively. It also demonstrates a complete understanding.

There are different types of evidence you can use- statistical, documentary, and anecdotal. It can be even results you obtained after conducting your research. When stating evidence, always remember to use quotations. Alternatively, you can paraphrase a section and write it in your own words.

  1. Write a draft

Sadly, most students write the post immediately on the actual post and hit send. While it may seem like a confident move, it is not the right thing. It is thoughtful to draft the post before sending it. It gives you time to assess the post and make any necessary corrections.

Most discussion post assignments will have several questions. Instead of answering each question separately, you can combine them to form a mini-essay. You can use a topic sentence to bring together your points into one main argument, opinion, purpose, or claim.

Using the evidence you previously gathered, build your argument. Supporting your answer with reputable academic sources will persuade your audience. You can use outside sources are references only if permitted.

Ensure that each part of your evidence is clear and keeps your post inline. The evidence should be put in a scholarly tone and should be relevant and precise. Adequately cite all the information you derive from outside sources. At the end of your post, have a full reference.

  1. Edit your post

You have come up with a rough draft. Now, review and edit it before posting it. As you go through the draft, check whether your main idea is clear to the reader. Also, ensure your thought or opinion is relevant to the topic assigned for discussion.

Your post should always demonstrate you read and critically thought about the recommended readings. Always aim to propose a unique perspective that your course mates can challenge.

Did you support your claim with credible scholarly sources? Have you used an academic tone or language that is overly conversational? Check for any grammatical, structure, and style errors.

  1. Avoid plagiarism

In any academic document, you should always avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism rules not only apply to essays but also to discussion posts, questions and replies. Ensure you properly reference ideas that you borrowed elsewhere.

At the least, submitting a plagiarized discussion post will earn you a zero. It might get you kicked out of the class or expelled from the university in the worst scenario. Always use reliable plagiarism checking software such as Turnitin to ensure your answer is original.

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  1. Submit it

Once you are sure the post is logical, relevant, and error-free, it is time to submit it to the discussion forum. Always check it to ensure the initial formatting is retained before hitting submit. After submitting, wait for any responses that your classmates may bring up.

  1. Always be cautious of the deadline

You should always post your reply on time. Always check when your posts are due. Most times, the initial post and replies have different due dates. Therefore, make sure you know what is required of you and when.  Do not risk losing points for posting or replying late.

Do you have a pending initial post or reply that you still haven’t worked on? Let us help you. We offer discussion post reply help for students. Our team of expert writers can draft a post reply for you that will boost your grade, ensuring you graduate.

online discussion board/forum

Get Discussion Post Reply Help Today

Unlike in a traditional classroom setting, in an online classroom, students have to write their opinion. They do this by writing response posts to a posted discussion prompt in a discussion board. Response posts are graded and contribute to your final course grade. As such, they should be well crafted to score the best achievable grades.

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Is There a Specific Format That I Should Follow When Writing my Discussion Post?

There is no specific format that you should use. However, for best results, you need to structure your reply in this way;

Start by answering the question. Ensure your reply answers the discussion question as fast as possible. Provide a clear and concise answer to the question. Second, give evidence to support your answer. Provide an explanation that supports your point of view from a scholarly article. Lastly, explain the connection between your idea and the evidence you provided. Do not assume that the connection is obvious.

Common Mistakes Student Make When Writing Discussion Posts

Students, especially those taking an online course for the first time, are prone to making some mistakes when writing their initial discussion posts. Here are some common mistakes students make that they should know about to avoid them;

  1. Getting too personal

Sometimes the discussion prompt could encourage students to talk about personal experiences. As much as it is encouraged, the discussion board is not a forum to discuss your problems. Neither is it an appropriate forum to ask for advice for matters unrelated to the course.

You should avoid getting personal and limit your contribution to the relevant topics. Do not discuss too much about your personal life on the forum.

  1. Not being thorough

Many students come up with the discussion post in a rush. They don’t bother doing their research or being thorough. Thus, most of them do not address the discussion prompt in their answers.

Most prompts require students to address several points. A well-written response should answer the question and spike a conversation. Failing to put effort into your post, the post will appear unplanned and rushed.

  1. Procrastinating

Writing a response post will not cost much of my time, and I can do it first tomorrow. Procrastinating will probably lead to you preparing your response in a rush and scoring low grades.

Besides, it decreases the quality of the conversation on a topic. Posting earlier than the deadline will allow the other students to respond and engage in debates.

  1. Writing extremely length posts

Your instructor will specify how long the post should be. In case they don’t, always strive to keep your posts shorts, depending on the question prompt.

How Do I Write a Follow-Up Post?

Once you have submitted your reply, it might spike up a debate, idea, or questions that your classmates may choose to follow up on. So, how do you write a follow-up post on the discussion forum?

When writing a follow-up post, you should always add something new rather than merely agreeing or disagreeing with the post. Rather than typing “I agree” or “I disagree,” you should always add more points and evidence. You might reply, “Yes, and…” or if you disagree, you can post, “Yes, BUT…”

Follow the same format for writing a post when writing a follow-up post. Answer a question or make a claim, provide evidence and explain the connection.

How Do Discussion Boards Help Students?

What is the essence of discussion boards, and how do they even help students? After all, a student studying regularly is never forced to participate, so what is the discussion board’s essence?

The primary purpose of discussion boards is to create a learning environment similar to that of a regular classroom. The discussion questions are intended to probe further some aspects of the course content. The question can be based on a current event, a course-related hot topic, or a recent court ruling.

Therefore, the discussion board is a chance for a student to personally examine the question and what the topic means. It allows all students to share their thoughts and express their opinions.

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Online discussion etiquette

How Do You Respond to a Discussion Post from A Classmate?

You should reply to a classmate’s post on the discussion board. When responding, you will follow the same format as writing a post- make your claim, offer evidence, and show the connection.

However, when responding to a peer, you need to;

  1. Disagree respectfully

If you do not agree with their opinion, you are allowed to disagree. However, you need to disagree respectfully. You can do so by outlining which parts of their argument you agree with and on which points you disagree. When disagreeing, you need to be descriptive and specific. Refrain from using adjectives to disagree with the other person’s work.

  1. Be substantive

Avoid beginning your response post with trivial statements such as “I enjoyed reading your post.” Instead, recognize what the classmate’s post was about and continue the response by adding in your perspective. A response post should continue the discussion and shouldn’t be a compliment to the original post.

  1. Be polite

Just because it is an online discussion between you and your peers doesn’t mean you should forget your manners. Always ask for help politely, and thank your peers after getting it. The online discussion board can help create a strong community between you and the other students.

  1. Prioritize responding to prompts

You should always begin by responding to the instructor’s prompt. After that, if the instructor further encourages course interactions, comment politely. Always be supportive of the responses of others.

  1. Always attach proof

When making a post or responding to a post, always attach proof. It can be through course content, published books, or journals. When citing a source, always remember to include the name of the piece, the author’s name, and the page number where you obtained the information.

how to write a strong discussion post

5 Factors that Cause Students to Lose Points In Their Discussion Posts

  1. Not meeting the word count
  2. Failing to answer the prompt thoroughly and extensively
  3. Poor grammar, plagiarism, and lack of relevance between the answer and the prompt
  4. Copy-pasting ideas or contributing an exact point to one which was already posted.
  5. Posting late or failing to participate in the discussion until the due date

Now that you know what may be causing you to lose points in discussion posts, what can you do about it?

To avoid losing points, always take discussion posts seriously. Do not wait for the deadline to start crafting your post. Always start preparing your post early and submit it once you are done.

Second, ensure that you answer the prompt directly. Your answer should be relevant and should be supported by facts or evidence. Third, always login to the boardroom often and see what your classmates are saying. It will help avoid presenting a similar argument from what someone else may have posted.

Checking what the others are posting can also spike an idea. Also, it enables you to integrate additional information that can support or disagree with their argument. Lastly, you should ensure you connect your idea to the course content or life experience.

I Find it Hard to Participate in Discussion Boards

Are you struggling to write your discussion posts? Here are some steps that will help you learn to participate better;

  1. Engage daily

It is essential to always remain active in the discussion board for each class you take. Try going online every day and respond to your instructor and peers. With time, you will become comfortable engaging with others and sharing your thoughts on the ongoing discussion.

  1. Interact with others

Rather than striving to do the bare minimum, take time to interact with your classmates. Engaging in discussions will make it easy to share your thoughts as you explore different points your classmates may have.

  1. Start researching early

Some responses might need you to research before answering. To set yourself up for success and to score best, it is essential to plan. Spend some hours working on your response instead of waiting for the last minute to post your response.

  1. Plan before sharing

Most students don’t understand the weight of their response. They just share their thoughts without thinking twice about it. You should always plan your response. If possible, we recommend creating an outline for your post. That way, your response will be clear, well-developed, and concise.

  1. Always support your points

It is vital to find sources or references that support your main points. Supporting your point will show the professor that you have taken time to think critically about your response and have a strong understanding.

The five steps above will help you improve your participation in discussion boards. They will also help you become a better writer with time. However, if you need an urgent discussion post reply, help order now and let us craft one for you.

Write My Discussion Post for Me

Though it may seem easy to handle a discussion board assignment by you, it can be quite challenging. First, you might fail to understand the prompt, resulting in submitting an irrelevant response.

Second, you might find it challenging to cope with the discussion board writing. Also, it could be hard to prioritize the order of your ideas in your post. Lastly, a student may find it hard to write a critical response to a classmate.

Underestimating the importance of a discussion post could lead to low grades or failure. If you don’t want to compromise your academic grades or reputation by posting a shallow half-baked reply, use our discussion post reply help.

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how to write a good discussion post

15 Tips to Help You Ace Your Next Discussion Post

  1. Thoroughly read and reflect on the question or issue presented in the weekly discussion forum.
  2. Refer to the course syllabus and any other relevant reference that will provide insight into what your professor expects to support your answer.
  3. The posts should be scholarly. Thus, it is necessary to support your answer or opinion with fact-based sources. Your reference should be a reliable report, book, or academic e-book.
  4. If you do not fully understand the question or issue raised, contact your lecturer for further clarification.
  5. Respond promptly after research. Don’t procrastinate.
  6. Ensure your post is logical, well-thought-out, and well-organized.
  7. Use formal language that is appropriate for an academic forum
  8. Use the required citation format for your scholarly sources. You can check the guidelines for the new APA 7th Edition Manual.
  9. Try integrating prior readings in your postings
  10. Offer personal knowledge or observation insightfully and accurately. Where relevant. Add in your personal experience where appropriate.
  11. Present a new opinion or observation when you can. Do not always repeat what everyone is saying.
  12. Review your punctuation and spelling before posting
  13. Ensure you participate in all module discussions
  14. Be respectful to other people’s opinions
  15. Do not use contractions or emojis. It is a formal discussion post

What to Avoid When Writing Discussion Posts

  • Do not write emotional responses to what others have posted. Always respond to the argument or idea presented and not the person posting it.
  • Avoid making your postings at once. Let others contribute, and you can share the rest of your postings in follow-up postings. Besides, a flurry of posts will show you haven’t been keeping up with the discussion.
  • Waiting a few days to respond. You should always log in to the discussion board regularly. It will help you remain informed and abreast of class material.
  • Do not respond with short comments such as “Great Point” without explaining further. You should always explain why you agree or disagree and provide new ideas as you expound on the previously discussed points.

Discussion Board Questions Examples

Here are some common discussion board prompts. Go through them and practice with them before your instructor gives you a prompt

Discussion Board Samples

Having discussed how to write a discussion post, a sample will help you grasp the content best. Here are some discussion post samples. Regarding adding citations, here is a discussion post in APA format, which is the most common.

Don’t Let Discussion Posts Intimidate You

If you are new to online studying, you might find the weekly discussion posts intimidating. These discussion questions, posts, and responses offer you a chance to reflect on the week’s content. They also provide an opportunity to practice your academic skills and to hone your ability to present your response logically.

When responding to the posts, always remember that there is no right or wrong answer. What is important is learning to defend your position with factual information from published works that are reliable.

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