Posted: February 15th, 2022

Critical Reflection of  Bellway PLC



                                           Critical Reflection of  Bellway PLC


In this context, coding and the content analysis of Bellway PLC will be known. Critical questions, as well as research with regards to Bellway PLC, will be known. There will be a preparation of the Balance Sheet following the financial records of  Bellway PLC. IFRS of Bellway PLC will be discussed. In addition to that, Bellway PLC‘s revenue will be analyzed, and the profitability of this company will be addressed. The cash flow, as well as Value (IR) relevance, will be investigated. To understand the fundamental factors of Bellway PLC, the knowledge of coding and content analysis is of utmost importance.

Coding and Content Analysis

Content Analysis refers to that method of research that has arrived into bread utilization within those studies related to health (Fung et al., 2021). According to researchers, content analysis is the flexible approach for inspecting text data (Stevens et al., 2021). This elaborates specific families for systematic methods that range from evocative, instinctive, elucidative inspection to structured stern textual evaluation. The unique kind of approach of content analysis selected by the researcher has differences with an interest of theories and the substance of researchers (van Zyl et al., 2021). In addition to that, issues have been studied by the researchers regarding views as well as substance. Though this pliability has created usefulness of content analysis more advent for several researchers, scarcity of delineation of firm as well as procedures has possibly restricted operation of content analysis. The disparity of content analysis is generally restricted to categorizing it as fundamentally which can be compared to quantitive as well as qualitative research. Increased rigorous analysis of methods wherein there can be the utilization of qualitative content analysis by which the vital problems can be eradicated potentially for researchers for consideration within fabrication of studies claiming to utilize content analysis as well as for analytic processes that are engaged in that studies and hence, averting a confusion of methods (Darban et al. 2021).

This has been considered as the enormous method of research utilized to evaluate text data. This method surpasses solely counting words to inspecting language separately for aspiration of categorizing huge quantities of text within a well-organized number of classifications by which indistinguishable meanings have been represented. Clear linkage or concluded linkage can be represented by these categories. Aim of content analysis refers to the production of knowledge as well as an understanding of occurrence which can be considered under study (Haryadi et al. 2021). Content analysis can be delineated as that method of research that has been relied on the interpretation which is subjective for the content which is dependent on text data by the procedure of systematic categorization which can be performed through coding as well as detection of themes as well as patterns. 

Bellway PLC has utilized content analysis as well as coding for the correct interpretation of data of their company. It is one type of holding organization which is employed within business of creating houses in UK. Apartments with bedrooms, penthouses which are full of luxury as well as executive houses have been provided by this company to the households of UK. In order to know the complete sale of the products, the company has to keep records of all these in their system. For securing their record, they have adopted the notion of content analysis as well as coding. Amalgamation of these two can secure their data and by these methods, data can be calculated accurately. 

Critical Questions and Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis of Bellway PLC can be done by understanding its Consolidated Income Statement, Consolidated Balance Sheet, and Consolidated Cash Flow. Consolidated Income Statement refers to those financial statements of individual group that has been presented as a single firm. It has several divisions or subordinates. In addition to that. It refers to the accumulated description of their overall business accumulatively. Every company has a procedure for preparing Consolidated Income Statement. Procedure that has been accepted by Bellway PLC are as follows:

  • They have added the revenues as well as expenses of both parents as well as subsidiary.
  • They eradicate sales as well as purchases of intra-group
  • They eradicate those profits that have been not been realized that has been held in shutting inventory applicable to trade of intercompany
  • Calculation of profits can be done by attributing those interests which are not controllable

Non-Controlling Interest

Percentage of NCI * profit of subsidiary after tax

Consolidated Balance Sheet