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Posted: October 26th, 2020

Army Writing Style Complete Guide

Looking to learn everything about the army writing style? Our comprehensive guide will be useful. It includes everything you need to know about writing in the military-style. Our guide consists of the five-step writing process, the elements used in writing, and tips on making writing in the army style easy for you. Read on for detailed information.


Army writing style process

The army writing style follows a distinct five-step writing process.

  1. Research

This is the first step. It involves gathering information and ideas relevant to what you are writing about. At this step, identify the “who,” did “what,” “where,” and “how.” We all gather information using different ways. Therefore, find a research system that works best with you and one that suits your task. Like any other form of writing, remember to document your sources.

When conducting your research, we recommend you collect as much information as you can concerning the subject you are writing on. Once you obtain relevant information, record it, and write it down. Remember, there are numerous sources that you can use for your paper. You can visit the library, talk to people with knowledge on the matter, or use published material such as journals, newspapers, and regulations.

As you conduct your research, it is essential for you to also have your audience in mind. What would they like to know about the subject? What can you do to add value to the audience? Always clarify the reason for your writing.

To make the researching process easy for you, we recommend organizing your notes. There are several ways in which you can manage your notes. It can be through a color number, a color code, or any other method.

  1. Plan

Planning is the second step that includes taking in all the information you obtained during the research phase. Under this step, classify the information you have gathered and arrange it in a logical manner. You can start by classifying your ideas into different groups. Then, order these groups in the best way that supports your argument or task. The result of the plan should be a writing outline.

When ordering your ideas into groups, try to come up with a controlling idea. A controlling idea refers to a single declarative sentence that declares your topic and your take on the subject. Once you have the main idea, you need to add supporting paragraphs. For example, you can explain why you choose that particular side of the argument.


  1. Come up with a draft

You already have an outline from the second phase. Now, it is time to develop your draft. A draft acts as the bridge between your writing ideas and how you express these ideas.

Writing a draft is relatively easy and shouldn’t take up much time. Write the draft quickly as you concentrate on getting your ideas written. When forming your draft, do not focus on the spelling and punctuation. Instead, focus on the flow of ideas. Your outline will make it easy to come up with a draft.


  1. Revise

Now that you have written a draft of your paper, it is time to go through it. Remember, when writing the draft, your primary concern was the logical flow of thoughts and ideas. Now, under step four, the main concern is ensuring your paper is free of errors.

Therefore, you need to look at the material you have written. Look at the piece and assume you are the audience. Does it appeal to the audience? Identify sections that need corrections, where you need to add in transitions and areas that need more supporting evidence.

Revising will help you identify if you need to add more enclosures or need more information. All these depend on the end product you are developing.


  1. Proofread

You have your draft ready, and you have revised it to ensure it contains all the necessary information you would like to pass to your reader. It is now time to proofread your work.

Check for the spellings, mechanics, format, grammar, and usage. It is wise to get someone else to proofread your work for you. As the author, it may be challenging to identify your mistakes. We have a team of academic writers to help you proofread your work and ensure it meets the army writing style standards.


Chart summary of these five steps

Elements Process Army Writing Standard
Substance and Organization 1.     Research

2.     Plan

3.     Come up with a draft

Writing should relay a clear message in one reading…
Style and Correctness 4.     Revise

5.     Proof-read

…the writing should be free of any errors- grammar, style, format, and mechanics


The Elements of Army Writing Style

There are some elements that you need to have in mind when writing using the army writing style.

  • Substance- this refers to the control and full support of your idea. It is an essential element as it includes the main idea and your support. Generally, substance refers to the total concept you intend on presenting for the reader.


  • Organization- ensures that your writing follows a clear, concise, and logical flow of your thoughts. Organization refers to the pattern you use in your paper to convey your ideas. You need to determine the best pattern which will put across your ideas.


  • Style-after identifying a pattern to relay your ideas, style is the element that helps you determine how to present your material. It includes the format you use, how you package the information, and the vocabulary you use.


  • Correctness- these elements challenge you always to ensure your writing is correct. Your format, language, and spelling should all be right. A simple error can distract your reader and shift their attention from the main idea.


Army Writing Standard

Once you follow the army writing style components discussed above, you will write correctly following the army standard. Generally, the army standard aims to transmit a clear, precise message in a straightforward reading. The message should be free of any errors- grammatical, usage, and mechanics.

The army writing standard requires you to;

  • Write the recommendation, reason for writing, or conclusion at the last line of your first or second paragraph. You shouldn’t write your conclusion or reason for writing in your essay’s final paragraph, as is done when writing other format essays like  like MLA, APA and Harvard.
  • Always write in the active voice
  • Use concise sentences. Ensure that your sentences are shorter than 15 words.
  • Always use short words, preferably those with three or lesser syllables.
  • Use short paragraphs of less than seven sentences.
  • Always double check your work to ensure it is free of any errors. Ensure all the words are spelled correctly, use proper grammar and proper punctuation.
  • Write a clear message in one fast reading of the essay or document.
  • When writing, make use of pronouns such as “I,” “You,” and “We” instead of using subject sentences like “this office,” or “this headquarters.”
  • Write in a respectful and professional tone
  • Only retype correspondence when a change of ink and pen aren’t allowed. If the changes you intend to add will make the final output appear sloppy, always retype correspondence, or when the intended correspondence aims to go to the general public. Generally, you shouldn’t retype correspondence with the intent to make minor changes.

Be keen to follow the components of the army writing style. Those components will make it easy for you to follow the army writing standards.


Military Writing Style Guide Written Communications

There are different written communications in the army writing style. The major types include;

  • Memorandums
  • Endorsements
  • Operations Orders- OPORDs


Under the memorandums, there are different subsections. A memorandum can be;

  • A formal memo
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Personnel actions
  • External to HQ, DOD, or command installation
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  • Informal memo
  • Appreciation and commendations
  • Internal to HQ, DOD, or command installation
  • Special purpose
  • Memorandum for Record (MFR)

How to write a memorandum

A memorandum should have a heading, body, and conclusion. A heading has five elements. It should have an office symbol, a date, suspense date, “ MEMORANDUM FOR,” and a subject line.

As for the body, it should begin the contents of a memorandum. The first sentence should be short and have a clear purpose. The second sentence should have a central point or the essential information you want to pass one. In some writing, you can combine the intention of your paper with your main point.

When writing the body, separate each distinct section, either using a heading, paragraph, or subsection. When appropriate, you can also add a POC-point of the contact line. The POC line should be added as the last paragraph of the body section.

The conclusion has three elements; the authority line, signature block, and enclosure listing.

Student writing essay

Army Writing Style Rules

In army writing style, the basic rule is to write using simple language. The reader should understand your idea and main points by going through your work once. So how do you ensure your writing is simple?

Remember, too much writing does not mean proper communication. Sometimes, writers have different agendas other than passing information. It is not once that an author uses complex vocabulary to impress their readers, which is wrong.

Good writing means passing information in a clear message that is free of any errors. This is the army writing style rule. Therefore, to meet these standards, you, as an author, need to adopt a simple conversational writing style.

You can achieve a conversational writing style by writing almost in the same way as you speak. By this, we mean making use of active voice, personal pronouns, and use of contractions.

Contractions are a standard part of our everyday conversations. However, when using them in writing, do not force them to fit. Instead, add them naturally. Negative contractions are especially helpful in softening commands. Thus, the reader will focus on the main idea you are passing across.

Another way to simplify your writing is by the use of jargon and acronyms mindfully. Remember, not all of your audience knows the meaning of some acronyms. As such, jargon will only communicate with those who understand them. So, if you are in doubt, it is essential to replace jargon with common words. It is also wise to spell out any acronym when writing it for the first time.

If you are unsure whether your writing is simple enough for your audience, it is always wise to seek help. You can consult your co-workers about it. However, it is best to consult writing experts, as they understand different types of writing best.

The main drawback to seeking army writing help from your co-workers is that they probably have limited information to offer. Being a close friend could mean they may be scared to correct your work in fear of hurting your feelings.

We offer different paper writing services, including army writing style help. As a professional essay writing service, we pride ourselves on diligent service and honest feedback on all consultations.


Clarity Index

It refers to an index that measures if a piece of writing is easy or difficult to read. To calculate the clarity index, take a sample of the work (it should be less than one page). Count the total word count of the page and the number of sentences. Divide the total word count by the number of sentences. The result you obtain will be the number of words each sentence has

Now, count the number of any long words in your writing, and divide them by the total word count. The result of the division is the percentage of long words in your paper. Lastly, add the two results to get the clarity index. You should always aim for a clarity index of 30. If your work scores an index of 25 or less, your work is okay. However, if it achieves an index of more than 35, it means your work is hard to read.

When making the calculations, the index depends on how long your words or sentences. Therefore, you can lower the index score by using shorter words and sentences. Use simple words to break up long sentences. Besides, using the clarity index to determine the readability of your work is quite hectic. There are online tools you can use to see if your work is easy to read.


The Army Writing Style Student Workbook

Here is a student workbook to guide you when writing using the military-style. To further guide you, here is a sample of a dissertation written in the army writing style.


Army Writing Style Regulation

The central regulation you need to follow when writing in the army style is the use of active voice. It occurs when an agent, often referred to as a subject, does an action.

For instance, Johnson will carry the goods.  (Johnson) is the agent/subject, and the action is (will load).

An active voice is preferred because first, it is a much stronger way of expressing your thoughts. This is because it includes action, as well as the doer. Second, the active voice explains an action using fewer words. Thus, meeting the overall objective of writing a clear message using fewer words as possible.

Third, active voice helps avoid confusion when it comes to the agent of the act. That is why the army writing style prefers the use of pronouns. It enables the agent of the action to take responsibility for their deeds.

Why the passive voice is not recommended

The army writing style was adopted in 1984. It has always advocated for the use of active voice since the passive voice poses some challenges.

  1. The passive voice hides or loses the central part of the sentence. For example, when writing in passive voice, the receiver of an action becomes the subject, thus obscuring the action’s subject or agent.  You can also choose not to add the action subject, and the sentence will remain grammatically correct. Therefore, you can eliminate the most critical part of the sentence.

For example;

Your admission records were lost.

The sentence is grammatically correct, but it misses the actor. Whoever lost the records is not mentioned. So, the subject becomes the lost records.


  1. Another drawback of using passive voice is that it is less conversational compared to the active voice. Hence, it does not sound natural to the reader. Here is an example;

Passive voice: A glass of water is needed by me

Active voice: I need a glass of water


  1. Writing in passive voice is not as efficient as writing in the active voice. When writing in the passive voice, you will use more words to get the same information to your audience.

Passive voice: The letter was delivered by Jackeline- 6 words

Active voice: Jackeline delivered the letter- four words

How to identify the passive voice in writing

Now that you understand the drawbacks of using passive voice, how do you tell which sentence is in passive voice? You can identify the use of passive voice by checking for “to be” verb in the form of “are,” “am,” “is,” “was,” “been,” or “being.” Any “to be” verb is referred to as a passive verb. Meaning, it does not show any action.

Also, check for any past participle verb in your work. That is, any verb ending with “t,” “ed,” or “en.”

For example, Your leave was (verb) denied (past participle) by the major

The steps above will help you identify the passive voice in your writing. Once you do, you will need to change it to active voice. To do this, you need to identify the subject of the action. Then, begin rewriting the sentence with the subject. As you rewrite the sentence, use the correct active verb tense to express the action.

Circumstances under which you can use passive voice

There are some times (though rare) that passive voice helps pass a message better than active voice. Use it in situations that;

  1. You want to lay emphasis on the receiver of an action. For example; Your sister was rushed to the general hospital.


  1. When you don’t know the subject, that is, if you don’t know who acted. You can write, “The MI16 rifle was stolen”. Writing the same sentence in active voice wouldn’t pass the message best as it would appear; “a person (s) stole the MI16 rifle.”

Passive vs active voice

How to Use Pronouns in Army Writing Style

It is encouraged to use pronouns when using the army writing style. So, where do you use the first, second, or third person pronouns?

Use the first pronoun if you, as the author, are speaking in the piece of writing. The first person pronoun shares the opinion of the writer.

Subject Object Possession
Singular I, Me My, mine
Plural We, Us Our, Ours


Use the second person when your piece of writing is addressed to another person or a group of people. It is the most used since it makes communication more personal for the reader. Here are the second person pronouns;

Subject Object Possession
Singular you Your, yours
Plural You Your, yours


As a writer, use the third person when you are looking to pass the information in an impersonal way. You can also rely on the third person to pass information when you don’t have a specific audience in mind.

The third person is commonly used to show the reader that they are talking about someone other than themselves or the person (s) they intend to address. Unlike the first and second persons, the third person singular pronoun is classified according to gender.

Also, you can use nouns to serve the same purpose as the third person pronoun. For instance, you can add a person’s name, place, or any other proper noun as a third person.

Subject Object Possession
Singular He, she, it, him, her His, hers, its
Plural They Them, theirs


When to use subject pronouns

You should use subject pronouns to;

  • Show the subject. For example, We cleaned the compound.
  • To define the subject. For example, We girls, Grace, Lilian, and I went to the shop.


On the other hand, use object pronouns to;

  • Answer a question on who or what pertaining to the verb. For example, The buffalo chased them across the game park.
  • As an indirect object of the verb to answer the question to what or whom. For example, Margaret threw the utensils at her.


Always use the possession pronouns to show ownership.

Army Writing Style: Transition Markers

The principle of using the army writing style is to ensure the document is “…understandable in one quick reading…”

One sure way to ensure your writing meets the army writing style is to make your work coherent. Ensure your ideas follow a logical flow. There is more to providing a logical flow than focusing on the mechanics.

Coherence means how an idea connects to the next idea. The relationship between your sentences matters to the reader. One sure way to reflect the connection between your work is by use of transition words.

You need to choose the right transition markers to reflect the relationship between your ideas. Here are some transition words you can use in your document. You can use them between sentences, paragraphs, or even within sentences. Using them makes it easy for your reader to follow your ideas.

To indicate addition, you can also use; moreover, again, also, likewise, first (followed by ordinal numbers, e.g., second, third, etc.), besides, finally, equally important, and then, besides, in addition, furthermore, next, too.

When showing cause and effect, you can use words like; accordingly, in short, hence, therefore, consequently, hence, thus, truly.

For comparison, use these transition markers; in a likely manner, similarly or likewise.

When showing concession use- of course, after all, naturally, although this may be true, I admit, even though, at the same time.

To show contrast, use words like- after all, still, yet, although correct, but, on the contrary, nevertheless, in contrast, in spite of, notwithstanding, for all that, and yet, at the same time.

When showing time relationships, use these transition words; meanwhile, after a short-time, presently, in the meantime, as long as, shortly, at last, afterward, lately, before, at length, currently, since, immediately, earlier, presently, until, while, thereafter, soon, of late.

Transition words to use in your essay

Army Writing Style: Joining sentences

What makes a sentence? A sentence comprises of different elements. Therefore, you need to join these elements to form a complete sentence. A simple sentence refers to a complete sentence that communicates a thought.

An independent clause refers to a simple sentence, joined to another simple sentence, or a dependent clause. The result is a complex or compound sentence.

A dependent clause refers to a group of words that add information to an independent clause. It is not a complete sentence, and hence, cannot stand on its own.

A compound sentence is a sentence you get once you join two independent clauses. You can join two independent clauses using a semicolon, coordinating conjunction, or conjunctive adverb.

A complex sentence is one which includes an independent clause plus a dependent clause (could be one or more)

How to join sentences

There are different ways in which you can join sentences to give them meaning.


  • Using coordinating conjunctions


First, you can join sentences using coordinating conjunctions. It is the most common and easiest way to form a sentence.

Using this option, you will have two independent clauses, which you will combine using conjunction. You will need to add a comma after the first independent clause. Then add the second clause.

For example, I went to Germany- independent clause

John went to France- independent clause


Now, add a conjunction to join the two clauses together

I went to Germany, but John went to France.

I went to Germany (independent clause), (comma) but (conjunction) John went to France (independent clause).


  • Using a semicolon

You can join two simple sentences using a semicolon. Unlike the first case, you won’t need to have a conjunction. Using the same example above, your sentence will now appear as follows;

I went to Germany; John tagged along


  • Using a semicolon alongside a conjunctive adverb

You can also combine independent clauses using a semicolon and conjunctive adverb. Conjunctive adverbs will relay the thought of the first simple sentence to the next one.

Using this method, you will write the first clause, add a semicolon, add the conjunctive adverb, add a comma, and write the second clause.

I missed my friend Anne- independent clause

I went to France to visit her- independent clause

Let us join these two sentences using the method above; I missed my friend Anne; therefore, I went to France to visit her.

I missed my friend Anne( independent clause); (semicolon), therefore (conjunctive adverb), I went to France to visit her (independent clause).


  • Using a subordinate conjunction

The last method which you can use to join two simple sentences is by using subordinate conjunctions. Using this option, one sentence will change and become a dependent clause, while the other remains an independent clause.

Here is an example demonstrating how a sentence can change to a dependent clause.

The initial sentence: I went to the theatre although Anne went to the movies.

When written as “I went to the theatre although Anne went to the movies.”

“Anne went to the movies” becomes a dependent clause.


Army Writing Style: Capitalization

Here are the rules of capitalization that you need to follow when writing using the army writing style;

  • The first word of each sentence should be in capital letters
  • Capitalize the first word as done in poetry
  • Any word or phrase that is used as a sentence should be capitalized. For example: Why?No!
  • The first word of a format statement of the question that follows a colon should be capitalized.
  • The first word when mentioning a list should be capitalized. For example, The major asked me to carry a;




  • When writing a title, capitalize any important words
  • When writing a salutation, capitalize the first and last word. For example, My loving Son,
  • All proper nouns, as well as proper adjectives, should be in capital letters. Note that proper nouns refer to the name of a person, place, or thing.
  • Write down specific places in capital letters. Do this for any geographic directions referring to an area.
  • Write the name of organizations in capital letters
  • Days, months, and holidays should be in capital letters. However, do not write down seasons in capital letters.
  • Capitalize any religious names- Allah, the Quran, the Bible, the Lord, etc.
  • All historical events, periods, and documents should also be in capital letters- the Constitution, the Battle of Gettysburg, etc.
  • Names of departments, institutions, courses, academic degrees should also be in caps.
  • Capitalize the name of emblems, school colors, and flags. For example- Eagle Rising and Old Glory.
  • The name of planets starts, and other galaxy objects should be in the capital- Jupiter, North Star, Earth, etc.
  • Capitalize names of spacecraft’s, trains, ships, and aircraft- the Titanic, ExpressCity, etc.
  • Initials which are used in jargon or acronyms should be written in capital letters- WKRPFBICTAC
  • Capitalize pronoun “I” and interjection “Oh!”
  • Capitalize any personifications- Mother Nature, the face of Death
  • Any preceding name title should also be in capitals. For example- Professor Gloria


Army Writing Style: Comma punctuation

About 50% of army writing style punctuation mistakes are comma errors. Like we said earlier, our comprehensive guide includes everything you need to know about the army writing style. To ensure you don’t make these common mistakes, here are some everyday use of commas in writing;

Use a comma when forming a sentence by joining two independent clauses with a conjunction. For example, The chairman is Vivian, and the operations secretary is Harry.

Also, use a comma when setting off an introductory element. For example: If you sign up now, you will enjoy an 80% discount. You should also use a comma when writing a long prepositional phrase. For example: In the winter, we always go shopping for woolen duvets.

Use a comma to separate items in a series comprising more than two things. For instance: I have been to Yemen, Venezuela, and the United Kingdom.

You can also use a comma to separate coordinate adjectives of equal importance. Short, well-pruned trees graced the way to the hall.

There are numerous uses for commas than we can exhaust here. However, you need to be very careful with commas. You wouldn’t want to mess up your writing. We offer paper editing services through our team of academic writers. After editing, you can expect a flawless paper at an affordable rate!

How to use a omma in army wrotong style

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